Thursday , October 6 2022

Harvey Weinstein: I was a hell of a year


Harvey Weinstein has said he has "undergone the worst nightmare of my life."

Producer in New York, imprisoned, is awaiting trial for more than a year since she was accused of sexual assault by women earlier.

Weinstein denies all non-consensual allegations and his lawyers prosecuted the court.

Harvey Weinstein summoned the court to sue the New York court (Miramax / PRNewswire / PA)

In a leaked e-mail published by the TMZ website of the prestigious US website, Weinstein wrote: "I had one year … the worst nightmare of my life."

A representative from Weinstein confirmed the authenticity of email. According to lawyer Benjamin Brafman's lawyer, the email was sent to a whole group of friends.

The email, which links several articles on the case, attacks the alleged sexual offenses by the police.

He says: "As you can see through these articles, the police have been very important in my investigation. Three official police have retired or resettled from SVU.

"The articles are simple explanations, but if you want to talk on the phone for some time, this story is more … I'd appreciate your confidentiality reading these articles, I would like to ask, but I would like your time to be very much appreciated. Harvey. "

Harvey Weinstein rapes in New York (Dominic Lipinski / PA)

Women's scores say that Weinstein refuses to attack sex, with inadequate touching of rape.

He is 66 years old in New York with five positions in confrontation.

Weinstein's lawmakers get a chain of legal victories to quit allegations when asked by a judge.

In November, the Manhattan District Office undertook a survey of Weinstein's and the charges for alleged settlement of its accusers.

In October, when a retired DA Weinstein retired, a detective informed him of a resolution that he could not ask for evidence, to question the accusatory allegations.

Mr. Brafman, to demand a lawsuit against the film's producer, said: "The reasonable decision would be cautious to stop this chaos."

Weinstein will appear before the court on December 20.

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