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Has the "Enquirer Nazionala" finally got a wonderful exhibition at Bezos? / Boing Boing

"The worst man in the world has caught a scam!" He shouts National Enquirer Special Edition 11 Amazon boss with Jeff Bezos and his alleged wedding wrecking affair. Tabloids are favored by appeals, racial inadequacies, fantastic flight and personal attacks, but the only thing that makes you absurd is nonsense.

And if it is very controversial to enter into the private life of private business, whether it is moral or journalistic, it is not denied that no special publication has been published. Inquire Bezos acknowledged his fragmentary division to publicly give revelations.

"The fraud pictures ended the wedding," promises Inquire to cover "Sexual and wild sex drive in her private jet! How the other mogul's wife stole it!" If only one case had been deprived in a deprived tank split in the past week or locked in a black bells for a month, to win $ 100,000, Bezos and his 25-year-old wife's novel he won Years have passed after MacKenzie announced its separation Inquire said she was a scammer in the Lauren Sanchez series episode, married to one of Hollywood's most powerful actor Patrick Whitesell.

The Inquire Four months have passed through the romantic secrets of Bezos throughout America, with five states and 40,000 thousand travelers, and proves the evidence. Jeff and Lauren arrived in Los Angeles on October 18, 2018, after a Miami flight. Five-day Jetstream Gulfstream private jetboard arrives in Boston on October 29. There, once again, they will leave in Santa Monica, California and at the restaurant. Near restaurant on October 30, 2018.

Inquire Along with the photographer, when Sanchez arrived in Santa Monica, on November 26, they saw that Bezos would leave at 1:00 p.m. Three days later Inquire He was once again at the nearby restaurant Bezos and Sánchez, and he continued to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Bezos rented a private bungalow.
The Inquire The lovers caught by their photographers "are making dirty their husbands six times less than six times."

But how did the "dirty" pair get really? In fact, "photographs that ended the wedding" show Bezos and Sánchez on foot, clothing or lunch at least. After four months of research, Bezos and Sánchez did not receive as much as one single photo, but kissing or embracing.

Romantic dinner of Santa Monica on October 30? Two friends got together, so it was a romantic secret. That same night, Sánchez stopped at the palace of Los Angeles in Los Bezos and came out around the next day, but Inquire He does not know whether Sánchez shares his or her host's bed or does not know how to stay in its many rooms.

"On October 18th, the customer and the" explosive photographs "of the Bezos Jetty at the airport in Burbank were billed as" raunchy on the planet. "However, these detainements allowed Bezos and Sanchez to stay close together, scarcely touch Without Sanchez, apparently on the phone, not in Bezos, a secret connection, not exactly with Sánchez's sister and the assistant.

On October 27, he was at the Hotel Intercontinental Bezos and Sanchez in Boston, Massachusetts Inquire He admits that he had stayed in a separate room and only left the hotel the following day, without any means to find out if the doors were closed. The Inquire There is never a need to jump into the effects of the events, so that the leap of faith was easy to link these points and they decided that they were lovers of Bezos and Sanchez.

Plane in their private jet together? They must enter Mile High Club Inquire assumes Dinner with two friends? They need to play "Footsie", he says Inquire. Completed with Sosak and suspected requirements Inquire Bezos lodged a complaint on January 7, and Bezos gestured.

Two days later, he made a public announcement announcing the breaking of his marriage, and assuredly that MacKenzie's foreign wife remains a friend. But Sanchez was not mentioned, and there is still no proof that the only scientific evidence ties two romantically, although it is very likely Inquire Finally I got right.

Bezos acknowledged that it was a blame, but he did not accept any problems. The clincher for the Inquire It seems that Bezos sends text messages sent by Sánchez to him, and it seems that their origin and content are still questioned because of sexually uploaded messages.

"I want to breathe," he allegedly wrote. "I want to have a little bit … I want to kiss my lips … I love you … I want to kiss you now and I will slowly and slowly take you." Bezos sent Sánchez to the photos, wearing shirts just wearing a towel, " the explicit belt of the lower belt, to describe it in detail ". what alarms do you set for bells? Inquire to describe something explicitly unexplored. In fact, they are delighted to publish these photos, despite a discrete pixel.

IPhone's display of Bezos's text messages is not a real picture, and the obvious little hidden method reveals "new text creations". How much confidence Inquire The accuracy of your text message? On the other hand, it should be noted that anywhere else in 11 pages, as evidence of supposedly Sánchez's love, is the most important article: "Bezos said that" he never felt "was safer."

Why would he do it? Inquire Choose where to designate a designated source, do you suppose Bezos has his own expressions of love with his text messages? They do not believe nor question the accuracy of the texts. Not that Inquire Missing source name The client's aunt, Kathy Jorgens, gives us a conversation, which assures us that the abandoned wife MacKenzie Bezos will take the cleaner. . . She knows the dirtiest secrets about her. . . They will probably settle the deal and never know what Jeffre says about the deal. "

Would it be tomorrow when Bezos shared his parents and received him from his mother, in favor of his father's family, such as Aunt Kathy Jorgens, who has not watched Bezos just 53 diapers out for 53 years? And that is indeed, as a great source Inquire in the universe

The Inquire When Bezos, confronted with his suspicions, "said that he had moved to a single source:" Can not buy the story from them? "From past experience, maybe it's amazing Inquire he would not go to this opportunity, in investment, keeping the world's richest and most influential men. In the end, Inquire The "Four Months Research" was completed, with a period of less than three months, and a collection of photographs by Bezos and Sanchez, often with friends and colleagues.

Proof of circumstance was sufficient for Bezos to recognize the end of his marriage, but he acknowledged a relationship with Sánchez. "The understanding of the minds is the first to know the truth", so the study of the rudder is over. Only time will tell.

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