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Hate crimes reached all time in 2017, says Statistics Canada

The police reported that the crime of hatred reached all time in 2017, mainly due to the Muslims, Jews and black-faced incidents.

The Federal agency said hate crimes have been steadily climbing since 2014, but dropped 47 percent by 2017, data collected in the last year. In total, Canadian police reported 2,073 hate crimes since 2009, if available.

The rise, largely due to the events of Ontario and Quebec, says Statistics Canada.

In the worst incident in the country, six Muslims were killed and others were injured in a mosque in the Serb city mosque. In January of 2017, in the spring, 28-year-old Alexandre Bissonnett was found guilty, but said he had no Islamophobic and instead "frightened and frightened desperation."

The police, however, increase the number of incidents.

The crime of the crime of the hate of the Toronto police investigated 186 incidents, mostly according to vandalism and graffiti, in 2017. Near Hamilton, the police reported a growth of 18 percent, according to what it calls hate and ups and downs.

Alberta and British Columbia also increased the number of fluctuations.

Statistics According to the Canadian report, people who report incidents of growth can partially promote, but it does not indicate much.

Hate crimes are 1.9 million percent of non-traffic trafficking of 0.19 per cent for the Canadian police service in 2017.

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