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He knocked his knife with half-handed knights at the end of the Toronto police

A man had "clock rounds" with the Toronto police, after several officials attacked him with a knife.

Calls to witnesses "Sherlock and Dundas Sts" responded "officially close" by officers. 7:47 p.m. On Wednesday night a person with a knife, told the Toronto police Const. David Hopkinson.

The Toronto police said he was a man
The Toronto police said a man had been shot in a "sock rounds" after allegedly attacking multiple officers with a Sherbourne and Dundas Sts knife. Wednesday night. (Andrew Lahodynskyj / Toronto Star)

The suspects were not exposed to threatening injuries to survival, but some of the protocols were taken to a trauma center, said Hopkinson.

"When we call for less use of force," we asked, so we had a shotgun with socks, "Hopkinson said." He is a disabled person, and that's exactly what he did. Arrested In such situations, when we use a less deadly basket or hatch, we have verified it through doctors. "

The trouser gun is a regular shotgun, rather than the bullet, which is loaded with the roundness that causes pain, but does not penetrate the body. An impact glass or bean bag is also mentioned.

The sock gun changed because Torton police had made changes. The police fired, including Sammy Yatim's teenage death.

According to the police, the witnesses allegedly attacked another man. Then a suspect got his knife and went to look for the victim. While the police were still following his victim, when the police arrived, however, the knife went to the officers, he stopped and started to go to them.

"When they got to the scene, they suspected that they were armed with a knife and was still supposed to be the victim," Hopkinson said. "Officers stopped the demands of men, despite the fact that they were paying attention to the officers and went to them."

He soon fired a few shots.

The death of the ball in medium socks was less likely to reach 2016.

"In the past, we have had instruments that we use to defend ourselves or to arrest ourselves. We have sterols, spray peppers and larger cords," Hopkinson said. "What will happen to you when you go to a point that threatens to take you to the nursery, but do you want to use an unnecessary tool?

"Less likely to have letters – taser or sock rounds – we have the capability to end up with a potentially dangerous situation," said Hopkinson.

The police have not released a suspect explanation, he said he is arrested.

Hopkinson says the press conference will be held.

Emerald Bensadoun is a reporter for news, working at the Staro Radio station in Toronto. Follow on Twitter: @twerk_vonnegut

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