Tuesday , January 18 2022

He was accused of canceling driver Porsche dealer: I was "a bad day"


A 20-year-old man who has been convicted of becoming a Toronto Porsche car dealer has said he was "bad day" after breaking the staff.

The Toronto police said the automobiles through the large windows of the building shortly after the window at 11 p.m. Monday night.

The car went into the Porsches on the floor of the sale, while at the same time capturing another luxury car, Toronto Konst. By He denies Sidhu. Porsches were four of them totally damaged.

The staff said that CTV Toronto, after the driver, left his car, walked to the dealership and "Eve" crane scribbled crash were not caused by various cars.

The name suggests that her ex-girlfriend baby recently broke, CTV Toronto has reported. The police did not confirm what he wrote.

The driver, unexpectedly, was arrested and taken to police division by senior car dealers.

"It was alleged that corruption was really deliberate," Sidhu said. "There is no drug or alcoholic expression".

The unnamed Toronto man would charge a dangerous operation for a vehicle, two accounts of $ 5,000, and approximately $ 5,000.

Concessionaire Management did not comment.

On Tuesday, the cleaning gang can be seen between the glass and the concession.

Suspect is in court on Wednesdays.

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