Monday , October 25 2021

Heart attacks are dangerous on Christmas eve, at this specific time, according to studies


Good food for delightful gifts, Gabon has time to spend with the family. But be careful; There is also the biggest risk of heart attack in the year, according to a new report.

Researchers at the Swedish healthcare organizations have published a study published in the British Medical Journal to study vacations and sports events as heartfelt.

For this, in Sweden, nearly 300,000 heart patients were examined within 15 years. The revised data began to appear when the symptoms began.

After analyzing the results, Christmastime seems to have been in the heart of Sweden. In fact, the risk of cardiac arrests increased by 15% on Christmas day and 37% higher on Christmas, two weeks before and after the holidays.

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It may also be a heart attack at 10 p.m. Christmas Eve tonight

Scientists have also increased their 20% growth in New Year's Day and a 12% increase in mid-June.

There was no connection between the heart attacks and the New Year's Eve, Easter and sports events.

The authors suspect that some holidays cause stress. Traveling, having a difficult family and preparing meals and activities can be difficult.

But despite the discovery, associations do not express the same cause.

"What factors, activities and emotions predispose to these myocardial infections and other myocardial infections that live in other days," the group wrote, "can develop a strategy for managing and reducing the number of these events."

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