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Here are some hidden hidden voices that you forgot about the Xbox Game Pass


Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass costs $ 9.99 per month and has ten games Everything you can eat Base, similar to Netflix. There are now two games with pools and browsing awesomeness can be a little bit hard. If you've already played heavy hitters, here are some of the great gems among the great names that deserve our recommendations.

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Unknown: Director's Cut

Deadlight is an action sidebar with platforming and stealth, which takes place in the zombie apocalypse in the 1980s. A father plays a zombie-infested Seattle father who is looking for a missing family, few ammo and weapons.

Deadlight defines the environment and fights the sharp and sharp. It's not too long, so the explosion of other games can be quite short. Well, it's worth a look.

Cemetery keeper

Stardew Valley apparently enjoyed but was not as dark as your Gothic sensibilities? Then Graveyard Keeper is for you.

To learn the language of comic book Pixel Art and Writing, Graveyard Keeper is a RPG game management game. In it, Cement Keeper, you have to build and manage your cemetery. However, it is not about the cadets, but also the construction of the cathedral, the fight against monsters in the catacombs and other tasks.

Fear layers

The horrors of fear is a cult adventure narrative adventure game.

After a painter's madness, The Edge lacerates reveals a mysterious mystery that explores a dysfunctional family with dark secrets. About 5 to 5 hours around the layers of fright is a short game, but will leave persistent impressions.


Ruiner is a violent high-level act, with gorgeous art, in a crime-dystopia criminal high crime.

While praised by Ruiner, the game became darkened with titles like Destiny 2 and Cuphead, a very busy window to launch in September 2017. The Xbox Game Pass is one of the most special titles, and Cyberspunk is awaiting 2077 for any dystopian film. You also have Xbox Play Anywhere, your progress and access to your computer will be synchronized.

Disasters 2: Cut the Director

Since Microsoft purchased InXile Entertainment, Wasteland 2 has received more attention recently. If you are looking for something more to grow into your teeth, Wasteland 2 is a large-scale RPG tactical, with a XCOM-style fighting, and classic CRR-style narrative narration. Wasteland is an apocalyptic series that would inspire premature Fallout games in a world that destroys the firearm. If you enjoy classics like CRCOM or XCOM, it's worth your time.

End stop

Final Station is the only management, a side scrolling shooter that puts one of the Earth's latest trains.

The dying world is going to survive, keeping the train facilities, to fight the hordes of mysterious infected people. Final Station is an experience of survival for fans of the genre.

Massive calf

Massive Chalice becomes a basic strategy for a few simple ideas. For the whole invasion, the population of the unknown world has manipulated geneticism to create more powerful forces. For centuries, during this war, your favorite heroes are going to die in old age, and will have the right to own personalities of their future generations.

Great value

Xbox Game Pass represents a serious value, especially for all Microsoft Studios games, including the monthly fee, such as Forza Horizon 4 and Gears of War.

Every month, headlines are added to allow Microsoft to keep the library fresh, Mutated to Year Zero, Ashen, and Crackdown 3 changes. For $ 9.99 each month, it probably feels like a stolen one.

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