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Hitman 2 Opinion: Killer thriller full of laughter


Hitman 2
Hitman 2
Hitman 2
Spyro restructured trilogy

Ronan Price

The murderer is a serious business, but I like the Hitman series to laugh, forbidding the macabre. How else do you describe murders (dead and stuffed) by sharks, among other absurd alternatives?

This resumption began to resume in 2016, after 47 agents in its morally shaky missions, to eradicate every possible job in the world. Now, wearing an episode structure, Hitman 2 is fast moving into a well-known groove. Your bald killer falls at the edge of a dreadful event (a motor race, say) or opulent real estate edge and prevents security guard routines and stolen outfits when approaching this goal.

Unless necessary, in a simulation of interconnected packages. As the dismantling of a very complicated clock, it is time to get ground rules, know weaknesses and run the plans. Hitman conceals so many layers that each murder is about half a dozen people often switching to comic books. Why should you be surprised when your quarry is crushing a huge shark that falls into an aquarium?

There's no innovation here and there would be no locations to overtake the Hitman show in 2016. However, the content is charming, with steep detail and polymer level, Hitman 2 more irresistibly.

Spyro restructured trilogy

XO / PS4 ★★★★ Age: 7+

All the members of the 3D platforms had anger at an age, Spyro the Dragon lifted above the crowd. The remake of Crash Bandicoot revived the desire to eat and this trilogy will only leave the original sounds and audios.

In sharp reflection, errors are evident: a terrific camera, sudden difficulty points and some repetitions. But the essential character, a different level design and, in general, a gameplay, Spyro Comeback gives pleasure to nostalgic fans. Young players could find something new, perhaps even fascinated. The public clearly agreed – the trilogy was exceeded in Red Dead Redemption 2 last week.

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