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Hockey Gaming Qualifications: Edmonton Oilers releases a giant LA behind, Ducks 4-0 white

What a difference does one day.

Anahelm's poor performance night, Edmonton Oilers, tightened the season. Six strikes have been lost and delayed and cut into a drastic dump. Instead, Oilers can regain a year with an incredible 4-0 win … on Saturday L.A.

The club never returned its history to the backs of the deck roads and lost the end of the game, both shadows. Before the night. They took a good time to make up for the darkness of history.

After a lack of punctuation by the gnashing of teeth, 8 Oilers players scored a Sunday night. But definitely, Cam Talbot's goal is to stellar # 1.

Exhale, fans of oilers, at least until now. Here's the Tale Tape:

Grades Edmonton Oilers Game

CAM TALBOT. 10. The "perfect" grade is partially due to the fact that, since the 7th of December, the first victory was not critically criticized for the Oilers season. After finishing 4-0, the ducks were the first 5 to 7 minute ice cream team. But Talbot kept his club up front, just because he had just 45 seconds left for Silfverberg, and then again against Kase. If Talbot does not stop, he immediately wins 2-0. Then, Cam did another goal in Kasean, 2-0 ahead of Puljujarvi. The night has ended saving 39, and finally, Brian Gibbons has scored a goal. It was Cam Talbot's 20th career. As a member of Oilers, he was named the 1st Star of the game. Excellent season

CONNOR McDAVID. 7. The rating was opened on the network and hosted there. As a result, McDavid did not have one or two, but there were 3 inappropriate puck shots at the door of Anaheim. In the end, McDavid's seventh was McDavid's 24th place. It was a great breakthrough in the game, because the fastest Connor was driven by Leon Draisaitl's 2-a-1 bend. In the minute 97, the team made 6 shots. But again, the club did not need McDavid to win in the game. And that's the victory. The final winner's goal is that Connor allows Wayne Gretzky to achieve goal goals for trophy games before the birthday of NHL players (25).

ZACK KASSIAN. 7. Zack Kassian showed great fighting spirit and did not seem to mind the rain at all. He won an important battle, winning the 1-0 win. And his sharp wheels thanked them for playing with great pace and great opportunities. He had 5 shots in one match in his best games, in a long and long time. If it keeps it, Kassian will get 97 more time.

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 6. Early departure from Silfverberg mentioned in the Tablet paragraph was lost. But Khaira fell down, after a great effort. A shot, 2 hits, 2 blocks and a limited point at the perfect point. 18:15 TOI, 3 in all areas. J.J. Play the most played 97 and 44 and use its size effectively to protect pucks and give this line a bit of cycling game. I do not think I'll be in the second, but I will try.

CALEB JONES. 8. Oilers Part of the best D-match. He had 2 help. Caleb Jones got a deep puck of the "O-zone", after battles of battleships between Draisaitl and Kassian, next to the wall he pucked the puck. The second one, Milan Lucic, was pushed into the puck. Ryan Kesler barely cuts his big stick, but he managed to lower it like JFK in the second. This was the NHL game number 10 for Jones. He looked like his 200s. What a revelation so far?

ADAM LARSSON. 7. Adam Larsson played a great match in his game. 3 hits, one shot, take it to the end and +3. All Led Oilers D-core events at CF 39: 58% at 23:39. He won hard and physical battles, one after another, and skated about, as well as has all the season … puck races win and pucks the danger of cleaning.

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. Big, 2-way game. Fully equipped Oilers has opposed / opposed all CF 47.22%. On the 23rd of the season, he got out of the slot, with a brilliant shot by Caleb Jones and faces by Lucic. McDavid's goal is not to help, but he has won the scriptwriting fight to keep the sequence alive. 39% in the circle, but most of his victories were on his own and what it really was. I distributed simultaneous 4 arrow defenses for 2 periods, and 2 more 3.

TOBIAS RIEDER. 5. Rieder was generally "nowadays" tonight, but he had a lesser impact on other players. He played excellent players in the KP, although he was in the third season. Is there a penalty to be late too?

ALEX CHIASSON. 5. You can play one of the most relaxed games. A shot and 2 blocks at 15:09.

DARNELL PROTECTION 6. He was much more confident about his partner on the right side. Logged 23:52 including 1:45 short-handed. Thanks to the help of the Puljujarvi goal in the Puck network. Lock a couple of shots and also created a few. We've seen it later than late. And I credit that a lot …

KRIS RUSSELL. 7. The Golders 'Golders' club and general club had a great deal of relaxation. Russell's composition was against fire and Klefbom. Her feet rapidly zoned her to help pucks rotate her own and in the other direction. And various smart chips and putts have clearly helped D-zone security. A shot and block 3 at 22:39. The men lost him. Darnell, in particular.

RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS. 7. A giant forward, and then a slight clue of the puck led Brodziak 3-0. The Ducks were really well off, even though they were hanging up to the last buzzer effort. Nuge won the 2-0 win over O-zone 2-0 and Draisaitl won a table battle to keep the game alive. +2, 17:42. And an extra stick to register its 350 point as Oiler, 7th in franchise history. Respect.

MILAN LUCIC. 6. Playing with Snarl, unless you show a lot of life before a variety of nights. A huge player wins 4-0, Lucic earned a well-deserved support but did not get it. The second period of the breakdown faced a U.S. blood prisoner. Physically and emotionally, he entered 5 goals to head the club at 10:05. It's a bit more enjoyable.

JESSE PULJUJARVI. 7. The boys scored 2-0. He was parked in front of Puljujarvi, and once Darnell's Nursing unit arrived at the finish line, Jess did not have a D-man of two Ps, just like Cam Fowler and Josh Manson. A little back turned his hand 2-0. It was 2 shots. The Puljujarvi added two blocked shots and finished +2.

KEVIN GRAVEL. 6. His wheels are better than Petrovic and Manning, and they showed him tonight. Gravel skateboarding won or at least he won a lot of races with his own puck. Hit and block 4 16:03. Figure 3 plays at a level that you can score.

ALEX PETROVIC. 5. Petrovic's much better effort, 5 hits and 2 blocks and even 13:39. Put 2:22 on scoreless PK. Brother Potosíko III. Thanks to the editing work, as Oiler did. Thousands went, but it was home.

KYLE BRODZIAK 7. He scored an important point by winning the goal by winning Ducks 3-0. The goal was great behind the roof. Abuse, I thought Bleach was the best effort of the season. And this year it was a challenge. 2 contributed to a successful play at that time. Very well.

JOSEPH GAMBARDELLA. 5. It was not lazy. But Gambarella's best time was after McDavid's McDavid Lindholm cross-certification, officials did not give any instruction. Gambardella spent less seconds, but Anaheim did not want to answer the hood. His teammates will remember it. Play 7:51.

TY RATTIE. 5. A shot and 2 hits. He did not give up a full reward, when he was his first time, he could not leave home. But he did not give up in a different direction.

As mentioned above, with victory, Oilers puts it within the 2 point point of the two Western Wars. Edmonton is now 20-19-3.

Oilers are in San Jose on Tuesday.

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