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Hockey players' worship: Cam Talbot wins St Louis in Edmonton Oilers


Why every Edmonton Oilers game feels right now the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals?

I hope to win the team.

In fact, I am.

It feels like hanging in the Edmonton season, reaching the 500th exit team, hoping to reach the real 500th exit, to avoid desperate arrival and Darkness's awful season.

If Edmonton lost in St Louis, Oilers would have to win 2-0 for the first time, 5,500 would be playing under the new coach Ken Hitchcock.

But Cam Talbot, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Connor McDavid heroes, Edmonton won 14 and lost 14. Real .500 are in the Pacific Division in the race.Connor McDavid, 6. Gets full grade for these extra hours. He has secured a full-length record to cover the man's slot against the first goal. He flew but could not create too much attack, even if he was in extra hours.

Leon Draisaitl, 4. He played at 28:48, so the coach definitely loved his game. Me, not so much, especially the slow two on the back, the second one late and one extra hour, which led to two completely dangerous Louis Louis options. He did not make much effort, not even strength of strength. He was successful in not having participated in the podium 4 to 3. In general, except for the lack of Oil Probe collected by McDavid and Draisaitl in the same line, I recommend re-sharing. Of course, readers of long-standing know my bias here, in my opinion, that Oilers gain their best choices when it's Draisaitl center and takes its line. The things I have seen in the last few weeks did not change me.

Alex Chiasson, 6. Klefbom has set a brilliant screen set in a decisive goal, but it has also made it a great mistake, from the Edmonton slot to the right of the attacker St. Louis. Jan! McDavid was somewhat slow in the line, so much so that Ty Rattie was quite well off at the end of the third period.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, 8. It achieved a decisive goal and it was the second line, which was the most effective Oil unit for the third time. Nuge played 26:38 in all situations and did well in all situations. It was strong in its strength, because there was little chance of making a mistake against Grade A (Here's the game count).

Jesse Puljujarvi, 5. He is often working hard on the network and has won with Pokkeck fast and slippery, but RNH and He and RNH did not work well. But this line was involved with some chemists, Puljujarvi's departure and noise, so OK in the overall game. It is necessary to play with ironicities and more determinations, and, to a certain extent, in this game.

Jujhar Khaira, 7. The trainer liked the 6-a-5 (as usual in Milan Lucic's place) because it was enough when Oilers needed a goal and created a goal that was part of the extravagant cycle. In the year, he had one of his best games, dodging hard, playing puck, and defending himself.

Kyle Brodziak, 7. In the last weeks of the year, Brodias wants to be a new man, skating faster, better reckless, making fewer defensive defects and making good games with puck. This game was no exception.

Milan Lucic, 6. I like to hesitate, although the results are not there. He got four hits, so at least one part of his game is intact.

Zack Kassian, 8. He scored five goals in the group and five shots. There were two Level B levels in his plans. Hitchcock's 2017 Kass outlet looks like old and effective, and Oilers needs old Kass.

Ty Rattie, 7. It was dangerous, he got a first position and Ryan Spooner won in third place. Tell me about the fan of Rattie. The player is intelligent and hustling and the play is rarely stuck. He had to play Draisaitl or McDavid, Hitchcock came to the end of this game.

Ryan Spooner, 5. Well, they were not defensive miscuk, as we saw early in the oilers games. And the attack was fine.

Patrick Russell, 5. Rumor is hard and few battles are won. I can see why it was rated in Bakersfield.

Darnell Nurse, 6. OK, did the goal of the slot catch behind the net? Not cool Not too cold. The nurse can read it better than this one, but that is why he did it after this terrible guilty, playing one of the best games of the season. His pass was the RNH's goal, and so he defaced his mistake earlier.

Kris Russell, 6. Big 4 role play and good game.

Oscar Klefbom, 7. The decisive goal of Klefen. He is playing a minute and defense has played a much stronger match in defense, rarely caught. It was on ice 30:42.

Adam Larsson, 6. Klefbom teamed up well, pairing with the partner.

Kevin Gravel, 4. He played at 11:27 p.m. and there were two excellent breaks in the stadium, and Benning combined two slot shots by Blues.

Matt Benning, 4. Play 13:40 and, like Gravel, there was a limited ice reason.

Cam Talbot, 9. She gets her brand full rating because it has been released by St. Louis. He beat the opposing players, and that's when Oilers won the goal difference. Edmonton won 11-1 in the multi-level qualifiers, but again Talbot shut the door, winning games between 2016-17 and a strong and efficient netminder.

Welcome back, Cam Talbot. Welcome.

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