Friday , March 31 2023

Hollywood Producer Terry Rossio Under Fire & # 39; Anti-Vaxxer & # 39; tagging with N-Word


Hollywood scriptwriter behind Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek It is in the midst of harassment in the midst of social media, parents must refrain from deciding on the child's vaccine.

Thanks to the involvement of the vaccine, a scriptwriter written by producer and screenwriter Terry Rossio told me: "My heart is sent to all affected children who are vaccinated with children, but they do not have the pain to suffer from sadness, but the massacre of sensitive and informal people ( For example, here.) Calling anti-Vax someone n *****, it serves as a bit of a sense. "

Rossion wrote the epithet.

The writer who started the interview asked Rossio "I would never like to come back with my word again," Rossio has dropped, similar to the stigma that Africans face. Their children are sick of autism, scientifically unsuitable vaccination.

Rossio's best critique, the tweet had more than a thousand answers, including a scriptwriter by Jeffrey Grubb: "God is a good point. I rememorately believe that American creators and the public have been slaughtering the skeptic vaccines for decades, and then even after releasing them , the government guarantees laws to exclude vaccine vaccines and refuse wealth and opportunity. That's history. "

Another Twitter user answered Rossior that he had given his comment for 25 years to turn children around the world without a profit.

Rossio, whose credits are included Aladdin and Lone Ranger, as well as the next phase of adaptation Johnny QuestHe did not ask for comments. Two years ago, Dr. Andrew Wakefield acquired the rights of his book, which prohibited autism vaccination in the scientific community.

"Dr. Wakefield is clearly a figure of polarization, in the opinion of many people, but many are still revered. The details and drama of his life are more important in general," Rossio said at the time.

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