Wednesday , July 28 2021

Homicidal in Spryfield frightens local people News

The residents of a quiet neighborhood of Spryfield worsened and death began their death on Friday night.

"It's very bad," said a neighbor living in the district of Clovis Avenue. "It's scary. We're old, most people on the street are old and we do not want all that."

The Halifax Regional Police responded to the Clovis Avenue Army Friday at 9:00 p.m. A 25-year-old man was taken to hospital after he was dead, police released the release. The deceased's name is currently arrested. Autopsy was organized on Saturday afternoon.

The investigators allegedly shot the victim inside his residence and more than one person participated in the crime.

When they wanted to identify their friends, they had a couple living on the ground floor of a three-story house and they had a son, a girlfriend and two children.

"They were nice neighbors, they always respected me and all the other neighbors in the street."

The neighbors said the tenant was five years old or older in the area of ​​crime and said he could participate in dying.

Although they are in the early stages of the investigation, the police did not think it was randomly shot. The main crime investigators and members of the forensic identification unit have still been on Saturday afternoon, and the police continue to interview the witnesses.

"This is terrifying, I was afraid I saw all the police cars," said Clovis Avenue from home since the murder occurred.

"We do not know anything. We've heard what happened and that's it. We saw the police."

Anne Marie Lindley lives in a duplex on the street scene from one scene to another. Lindley said that down Elder Scrolls online video game playing most of the afternoon's evening, but her husband heard a scream sometime before the police arrived.

"I agree with my business," said Lindley asking him when he shook the coffin. "I'm surprised, of course, I'm interested, it's in place. My husband heard hunger and that was it."

Lindley saw the police tape and, before midnight, when he was going to bed, he saw the forensic team enter the building.

"I never knew where they lived or he said hello."

Lindley has decoded the Clovis Avenue area since 2000, as "very quiet."

Clovis, to Herring Cove Road, is a small space of space for Williams Lake Road, far from Spryfield Sobeys.

"I do not know what happened there, of course, something very serious," Lindley said.

The Crime area is a glass-colored vinyl-brown building faced with front doors. Each step and many patios knocked on the skin of marker identification markers. There was a little brush in front of the house and Christmas lights hanging underneath the roof.

On Clovis and Crabapple Lane, a young woman who opened the door of a house said she was visiting her boyfriend, but they did not hear anything. The situation was dull and terrifying.

For 30 years, another man who has lived in the area of ​​crime has said that occasionally parking lot was parked and a smaller truck was parked.

"It's the first time it's going to happen like that," he said.

The first homicide in Halifax on June 18 is Jamie Lee Bishmaking in the East Gateway, and becomes the fifth homicide investigation that takes place this year.

Stephen Cooke, Worker Reporter

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