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Horses Raise high. Three months away from the farm Staff, CTV Edmonton's Nahreman Issa files

Friday, December 27, 2018, 8:00 PM EST

After three months, he lost a mysterious horse of Clydesdale in Evansburg, Alako, a farm, near Edmonton, as a animal, mysteriously like a neighbor of Christmas.

"When we arrived at Calgary, my daughter approached Christmas and her neighbors called and pressed her eyes and said:" You must go back – you have to see something in my yard, "said Molly Owner, Cindy Thomas, at CTV Edmonton." No I thought I saw again. "

While the six-year-old horse lasted in September, however, it remains a mystery.

"Maybe someone saw and fell in love with him," Thomas said. "It's in a good shape, it was somebody, I'm pretty sure … It's been up to it, it's your chef, he looks at himself, because he's a little halter."

Initially, Thomas feared that Molly was stolen to sell meat. Thousands of Facebook's published Facebook posts about the following animals and a monetary fund to raise money for the GoFundMe campaign created more than 1,200 dollar donations, when they returned six months earlier, Thomas resigned to Molly.

"People were looking for him and many people wanted him back home," Thomas said.

The same party between the horse and the owner was delighted and delighted by Thomas. Molly's Christmas Eve calls her "best gift."

"I think I want to give it a break now," said Thomas about the posthumous horse. "I like you to give me a little bit of personal space."

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