Friday , November 22 2019
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Hot seas and starfish that are disappearing

VANCOUVER – An advanced study says that warm water and infectious diseases cause the destructive eastern stars to kill the stars that destroy the Pacific coast.

Drew Harvell, a professor of evolutionary ecology and evolutionary biology at Cornell University, says that ocean stars' waves of global warming cause a starfish to increase the disease and kill a faster starfish.

Scientists have warned that in the three years that began in 2013, the population of this species decreased between 80 and 100% in Alaska and British Columbia from deep and shallow waters from California.

According to the study, the starfish of sunflowers is about the size of the fireplace, which appeals to a stomach that crawls across the sea floor and runs all its way.

Joseph Gaydos, at SeaDoc Society at the University of California, Davis, says sea-starlings are very important because they keep their marine urchins under control.

Gaydos, the principal author of the research, says without sunflower, the urchin population increases and threatens kelp forests and biodiversity.

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