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How Much The Singer has won over his career

Christina Aguilera performs at the American Music Awards in 2017 at the Microsoft Theater on November 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Christina Aguilera | Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Christina Aguilera has been angry at the big towers since the beginning.

It has a spectacular vocal range and powerful musical songs, it is also worth the singer.

So how much did Xtina do during her successful career?

Its net worth is $ 130 million

It's not surprising that Christina Aguilera deserves a lot of money.

Since its beginning simple Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Until one of the highest female singers in the world, Aguilera's reputation and fortune are not a shock.

Christina Aguilera landed on Radar in 1998 when she sang "Disney's" Reflections Mulan.

This performance landed a single singer on the Billboard board chart in the United States and also won a nomination Golden Globe Award Best Original Song song.

Although Christina Aguilera did not go home to go to the Golden Globe tonight, her career rose rapidly.

Its popularity occurred in 1999

After the release of "Reflections", after recording their first album, Christina Aguilera, Christina Aguilera.

Albums Aguilera performed a puberty sensation tonight with "Genie in a Bottle" songs, "Come On Over" and "What A Girl Wants".

The album sold 14 million copies worldwide, and the singer won for the first time Grammy would be Best Artist of 2000

That same year, Christina Aguilera was made her first worldwide.

He changed his image

He had a great success with his first album and with hit singles, Christina Aguilera released two more study studios, My Reflection and Christmas mine.

In 2002, when he studied fourth studio, Aguiler decided to make another artistic direction.

Album Stipped He was the beginning of the singer and showed his new and interesting art.

Singer Christina Aguilera enters MTV Video Music Awards on August 29, 2002 in New York. Christina Aguilera | DON EMMERT / AFP / Getty Images

In order to capture the beautiful image of her idol, Christina Aguilera decided to express her sexuality and independence through her appearance and her song.

The new image of the singer, which was presented with the single "Dirrty", began to translate music in general.

stripped Billboard 200 was premiered at number two and won international success.

Back to basics he brought a lot of money

In 2006, Christina Aguiler released her fifth studio album, Back to BasicsTo show the musical styles of the 20th, 30th and early 40s.

The album received a positive feedback and reached Billboard 200.

During 2006-2008, Aguiler made an international "Back to Basics" tour in 2007.

Christina Aguilera has a copy of her star at the ceremony, the Hollywood premiere that will be premiered at the Hollywood Promenade on November 15, 2010. Christina Aguilera | Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

Christina Aguilera continued to grow clean

After him Back to Basics Tour, Christina Aguiler earned $ 60 million.

When Aguila finished the tour, she took part in the 2010 film industry burlesque Legendary music with Cher.

That same year, Xtina also released her sixth studio bionic.

In April 2011 he sang as a singer coach Voice Sixteen seasons

Of course, in addition to being a hit contest coach, you must have a very high salary!

Christina Aguilera sitting on the bench and smiling at The Voice Christina Aguilera The Voice | NBC

The singer was only $ 17 million for season 3 of the season. When he returned to the seasons later, Aguilera received only $ 12.5 million.

It's no doubt that Christina Aguilera is comfortable living her $ 130 million worth of money.

Some have said that the singer will soon premiere the new music, so we are pretty sure that Christina Aguilar's net value will continue to grow in the coming years.

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