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How to choose, make and maintain a year's solution to your guide – Harvard Gazette

When vacation music disappears and the peak resolution peasants, Harvard experts make it a little easier. You do not know where to start? You can try out 1 percent performance enhancement method. Is it from the point of view of a lifestyle change? Be careful and know how meditation can do "better brain" for only eight weeks. Do you want to expand? Harvard's research has been for a long and happier life for 80 years.

You still do not know what suits you best? Select a topic from the Harvard T.H. from Chan Public Health Food Source, you will find the advice you will find in the morning and tips you will find in the morning.

The key is to choose and make a one-year resolution. MacKenzie Kassab, a member of the Continuing Education Professional Development Division website, has a 12-month plan to make and save resolutions filled with Harvard and Harvard advice.

Let's see.

January: ready, set, purpose

This is what you want to do this year – and who – what you want this year.

"I do not think this goal is great," says Margaret Andrews, Mind and Hand Associates Advisor Consultant and Professor at the Harvard Continuing Education Department.

So reach the stars! But remember, even if the astronauts had to endure bad weather. "You have to think about your ecosystem," says Andrews. Do you prevent external factors from reaching your goal?

Eat healthy foods and lose five pounds in your midst. That is reasonable. But how will you face them with a 3-row fox? What will your trusted friends do when you have cookies and chips? Is there something that could be an obstacle to success outside of your control? Keep in mind, but do not recommend it.

"Let's say what you need to do or stop and you have to overcome barriers," says Andrews. "If you do not think so now, then you will not be willing." It must be a strategy, and the goal will not be in any way.

February: Commitment to a process

You see the goal. Now, invent a plan.

The "atomic cover" entrepreneur and author James Clear recently said Inc. the first step that focuses on the magazine's purpose onehappiness

"Basically, you are saying that you are saying" I am not good enough, but I will be able to achieve my goal. "The problem of the mind is that happiness and success always being taught by yourself is achieved by the next limit," he says.

Instead, it suggests leading a process, not the final result. Make your goal more efficient and viable.

It's a common resolution to find a new job. But hunting can be tough. In order to be more manageable, set the schedule: send two summaries per week, or go online for one month.

By celebrating small trips, it becomes as significant a journey destination.

March: Find your motivation

"There is no single solution, as regards motivation," says Andrews. "Many people make a whole beer and others make it easier. You really need to know what you are and what you work for."

This is the time to study the lights of your fire. If your goal is to launch the marathon, you will find the best award winning rewards. Get 10 miles, get yourself a massage.

If this does not work for you, see Usain Bolt on a refrigerator that is just enough to move. Test how tactics fit you and do not be afraid to get creativity.

April: Cry your thoughts

If you reduce your intentions, declare your chairs expressions. Text friends, email close colleagues or call your mom.

"When we announce our desire to change, we are endangering failure, ignoring our reputation and respect," says Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and author "Triggers". Making nonprofit money and respectful money. "

Promoting the product is a positive result – most people want to be successful, and you can also offer some help or guidance.

May: ask what you do

Changing the behavior of Goldsmith's "magic moves" is self-doubting everyday. It proposes completing a list of questions that encourage reflection.

Someone can get three new customers this year to ask: "Did I do the best to create today's creations?" Meanwhile, ask someone who wants more than one savings account, "Did I do better to avoid spending expense today?"

There are no rules, following the same tracking progression with the same questions, and the only suggestion: each question started "I did the best …"

"This phrase injects personal property and responsibility to the Q & A process," he says.

June: Confirm your goals

You are halfway through the whole year and your goal is sight! Or maybe not. If things are not foreseen, you have to rethink your strategy and be honest to have your resolution from you.

"Someone knew I was trying to lose weight, and told her she had to cut off her wine's night wine," says Andrews. "You know well," It's a nice part of my life and I do not have to prepare that. "He has found other offsets." See which tactics have fewer points and analyze other ways to reach your goal. Maybe you add 15 minutes to your workout but keeps the black pinotxo.

Stretching your expectations could also be acceptable. "He was 18 years old, but you are really Get everything ready, "asks Andrews. It could be a fair commitment to adapt to a couple of jeans last year, especially what success you are asking for.

July: Search for help

The reason is that the support team is starting from the dependence on existing breastfeeding. Numbers have power. Social assistance can be essential to achieve goals.

"Hang on with the right situation and help us to think about their success," I can do them as well! "Researcher Piers Steel says," Procrastination Equation. "

Find an organization whose mission is align with you, Weight Watchers, Humanity Habitat or Women's Engineers Association. The gap in the market is a great excuse to create your own target group, while some colleagues share professional growth strategies. "They try to give or continue – they are both contagious," says Steel.

August: speed up

All goals, personal or professional, need proper energy. Sadly, things like stress, caffeine, alcohol and late night things look like stamina. Strength and motivation often go hand in hand.

Lifestyle renewal is extreme, but small changes are added. First of all, clear distractions or work space, prevent it from uninstalling from your desk or uninstalling the Facebook app from your phone. Steel provides strategic advice on "energy mobility reserves" strategically. Less confusion, literal or figurative, is more focused.

Next, determine the most effective one, and a part of that time to accomplish your goal. Are you trying to speak a French person in the morning? Radio France Internationale ready to work. Is your head clearer in the afternoon? Pull up the lessons your lunch break

And do not forget about mental and physical health. "Your energy store is a limited resource, so it's a renewal of these," says Steel. This means strengthening your well-being and sleeping a good night.

September: View results

Close your eyes Now, imagine to achieve your goal. Do you get a gold medal? Payment higher? Temporary Mandarin Variety? Steel says, "The determination of the regeneration of mental performance makes neuronal neurons that have recorded actions in your brain as practically practiced."

The next – and most important – step is the mental contrast: to see where it is today, a mere trophy case, bank account or oven. "The result will be that your current situation has become an obstacle in the way of your dreams," says Steel.

When you want to express what you are doing and want it, people must be motivated.

October: Get inspired

Bill Gates reads about 50 books a year. In fact, one of the founders of Microsoft is very fond of blogging GatesNotes to keep track of their favorite titles. Nike's Phil Knight is at the top of the "Shoe Dog" list. "Knight opens some CEOs in a way," writes Gates. "He tells his story honestly as he can. The story is amazing." And inspiring, as well as one of the most powerful men in the world.

Books and movies can not always get to the people around us. He emphasized "Rocky" hope. "Happyness Pursuit" suggests that anything is possible. Find plots that have recorded an agreement. "The most effective [biographies] It will resonate with your bottom, "Steel says.

No one is shaking a book a week, but motivational conferences and podcasts are running on every corner of the internet. "The great sportspeople, heroes and entrepreneurs speak regularly about their experiences," Steel says. "Find Out".

Get inspired by your morning trips, and you can be amazed all day long.

November: ask for help

One of the magic moves of Goldsmith is asking for help. "Few people will refuse to swear," he says. "It maintains the process of change asking for help, progresses".

When you hit the block lock, call friends or your professional tutor to achieve similar goals. Most people will be honored to receive help.

And when the white flag is ready to wave, experts call. There are resources to support all means, amateur cooking classes and professional development programs. Beyoncé also worked with a voice coach to achieve the goal of world supremacy.

December: Applause success – lessons learned

At the end of the year, the goal is to reflect on the goal of achieving a goal or goal to achieve your goal.

Is not it a shame that does not meet the resolution? "It depends on the goal," says Andrews. "If you or someone else's abuse continues, it's probably not good to give it, or it could turn your goal, it's not really what it was. Do you know what? It's your life and you'll get that decision. If you learn something to failure, it's just a way of success towards success. "

Tell us about the obstacles and processes this year, and your strategy to work on again for the next year. The prosperity period is seldom.

Ready to start

You can download a 12-month work sheet to complete your personal plan to complete your resolutions.

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