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How to find out if you are not included as an adult at B.C. – Sooke News Mirror

Many people are asking if the vaccine is in the afternoon after the final rage of Vancouver. In fact, many are probably asking me which vaccines they had.

Choices, unless you live in the home, these records are buried in a box with your baby's books and with your first hair cut-outs.

But fear is not there, there are ways for adults to find vaccine records.

First and foremost, adults can check their regular family doctors and day-care doctors to report these grafts.

B.C. If you are part of a large part. Families who do not have a doctor are immunized in the school or local health unit, and you can contact the local health unit for your records.

Additionally, anti-bodies found in blood analyzes can also detect a small number of vaccines.

If there is still no such step, an unregistered person will consider it immune-free and unprotected, and ImmunizeBC recommends that it be guaranteed to guarantee the protection and prevent repeated vaccination.

It should be noted that among many adults born between 1970-1994 or CBC. It is likely that mosquitoes have a vaccine booster, during which time the second dose was not always given. BC Children's hospitals report two doses of vaccines to prevent alcohol abuse.

Anyone planning to go abroad should be able to check vaccines, such as diseases like alcohol in Europe, South America, Africa and the Philippines.

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