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How to get Amazon Prime for free

After Amazon's discussions on the treatment of its employees, privacy breaches and high-profile government tax requests, some people protest their Amazon Prime's resignation.

But boycotting the features of a business that does not end up in your online life will not hurt the Amazon. Amazon Web Services is the main internet focus and it is impossible to avoid it. Prime subscription costs $ 12.99 a month. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and has more money than God. In 2017, Amazon accounted for 44% of 44% of e-commerce sales.

You will never get any Amazon profits anymore, leaving Prime. It's a fun way and it is arguably more effective in gear. That's why Prime has never been paid, and instead use free tests instead.

I have been doing these years, and in the way of improving this grift, I've screwed it once or twice, you can learn from my mistakes.

Step 1: Open a new email account
Probably you use your daily email address in a past test, which means you can not use it again to get a new test. Open your favorite email service-Yahoo, AOL, MSN- and start a new address. I prevent Gmail burners. I use Google products a lot and it might be confusing. Do not use one of these e-mail messages (False Email or War E-mail) that you do not have access to secure access. In fact, you must use this inbox to confirm the tests and check the order updates.

Note: Most mail providers will limit the number of accounts that can open with the same phone number. Since you are connecting with your email account and the Amazon account with your credit card details, you will want to enable two-factor authentication. If you want to be extra safe, buy a prepaid cheap phone and you can use this number to receive 2fa text codes.

When you tap the ceiling, go to the next email client. There are hundreds One day, when I live a hundred years, I will e-mail clients. But this is the thought of the universe's heat-death: I do not.

Step 2: Obtain Password Manager
This is a crucial part of the game. Do not skip Take a simple way to save me these sessions, after a couple of a dozen of them. You must remember your account account for login account credentials, but all of the tool accounts.

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Use the Lastpass or your preferred password manager, if you have not already. Using your password manager will make your online life safer.

Step 3: Start the test
You just signed in to any completed Amazon account and just started an email with your new one. From there, click Try Prime at any place. You can find it, it's everywhere and never leaves you. Continue and try "Prime".

You will be asked to add your credit card, but that's fine. It's sure that Amazon will never charge Prime.

At the moment, Amazon does not seem to enforce a strictly free trial rule by a person. Some people in Reddit have told Amazon that he has stopped 30 sessions in subsequent trials. Amazon Prime's conditions and conditions do not mean that you can not continue to accumulate stacks, even if the company "may terminate your Prime participation without our prior discretion".

I sent her to her mother how to ask how, or how to control new account accounts, and if I heard her again.

Step 4: Finish the test
Jeff Bezos is the curve. Immediately after the trial, navigate to finish directly.

To do this, go to your account at the top bar, and then Prime. You can take a moment to activate your attempt. When this option is available, when you log in, there is a very small delay, but then you will see the distribution of your membership on the left bar. At the bottom, there will be a link called "End Trial and Benefits" or "Remember before retrieving". Remember, you probably do not have the email address you signed up for, so you want end it will not be reminded.

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The user experience that I've seen from here will be made via the deviated route. Step by step carefully, and click on "Cancel my benefits" button, even when hosting the website.

After completing some attempts, you can cancel a page. In small print, see this option at the end of month ending membership and you will not be able to use the test benefits so far.

I studied my lessons repeatedly and abruptly. I was forgotten to finish a trial and I saw Amazon charge me without a subscriber for a few months and was not guilty of any email. With Amazon account and email inbox (almost all of them have forgotten my passwords), I decided to find the guilty and cancel the subscription. Do not be with me, I want to avoid this mistake.

Step 5: Live your life

You can use Prime's benefits within the next 30 days, without any charge. Sometimes I'll put a reminder in my calendar when it's over, so I know when I need to upgrade. But as soon as the trial has begun, you do not need to remind yourself, and in fact, you will continue to register on the site as long as your benefits begin to end. You can not objectively repeat this process at a time of 30 days every time you can do it.

Improved step: look back

You have a small explanation of how you use Amazon Prime to record it in a small local store. One day, Amazon will probably change how you check the new account. Maybe it's now. Until then, deliveries are rapidly dying and dying.

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