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How to keep a safe pet New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve
Let us help you keep your pet safe on the eve of the New Year to keep ornaments, snacks and drinks at paws. Image: Pixabay

New Year's Eve is in the corner, that is to say, it is possible to be able to organize their parties on Monday night.

However, celebrations like New Year's Eve can be stressful for pets, so BC SPCA has several tips that helps keep your Furry companion safe and happy.

First of all, consider that your pet may be disoriented, as well as some non-character characters, including jumping, biting, scratching or hiding.

To keep your pet safe, keep in mind while keeping the room in the afternoon. This will give you less choice to find loud noises. There is also another option in a separate room with radio or television. Make sure you do not have to leave many toys to see their isolation as a punishment and get many exercises throughout the day.

Of course, be sure to take advantage of holiday treatments for a strange pet. Chocolate is particularly dangerous for both dogs and cats, as well as toobromine. Do not forget that alcohol, cannabis and other drugs come with your pet. Alcohol does not cause soundproofing, it can also cause a comma or death of a pet.

Keep decorations paws & # 39; available. Party horns, streamers and confetti can cause serious medical issues – and if a veterinarian's hefty bill – a pet is ingested.

Even with the best intentions, try to make your pets still nervous and try to escape to a quieter place. It is important, therefore, that the identification of your pet is up to date and make sure that the registered BC Pet Registry website is registered. If you see "a big dog", Richmond invites Richmondites to specify the location and location of

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