Monday , January 24 2022

How to Live More: a glass of wine can induce heart failure in the night to survive the patient


It's a long time to live so that many people find out what the answer is. Non-smoking and active assets have been demonstrated in two ways to increase life expectancy. A healthy and balanced diet has also been found to be the key, which usually reduces alcohol. New studies believe that patients with cardiac insufficiency drink moderately.

Heart failure is because the heart can not properly shed the body's blood, but that does not mean that the heart has stopped.

While UK guidelines suggest excessive alcohol consumption, it must be avoided, US research has found it to the opposite.

St. Professor Louis Brown at Washington University, David Brown, said: "Patients who diagnose my new heart failure are asking me to drink every night. And I did not have a good response so far.

"We know for a long time that the excessive toxicity of drinking allows heart failure.

"On the other hand, the data show that healthy people who drink are protected by long-term cardiac insufficiency compared to people who do not drink."

But Professor Brown has also stated that there is little evidence that the data is available to advise people who drink a bit of heart failure.

According to the study, "survival benefit" showed a moderate lactation compared to those who did not drink alcohol.

According to the findings, researchers found an association seven or less per week for extended drinking or survival or more than one year, compared to those who did not drink in the long term.

In any case, more research is needed to determine if drinking measures are for specific health benefits, depending on your new diet, your diet should continue for a long period of time.

News and World Class Reports in the United States of America published last week as a dietary Mediterranean diet should follow this year.

Diet refers to vegetables, such as tomatoes and avocado, fruit, grapes and figs, beans, lentils and barley, oily fish and seafood, nuts, olive oil, herbs and garlic.

In addition to being a plant-based diet that has been proven to promote gardening, the classifications are placed on the Mediterranean list for the most comprehensive healthcare and follow-up.

Angela Haupt, Assistant Healthcare Assistant Healthcare Assistant, said: "It is healthy, balanced (and) a nutritional component."

Last year, the diet dipped by the Mediterranean Diet DASH, that is, diets that stop dieting hypertension.

This diet was based on the US government plan to help people reduce their blood pressure.

This year, however, Haupt said that it linked Mediterranean Mediterranean research with a longer and healthier life.

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