Thursday , June 24 2021

Hundreds Gift Cards to Buy at the Ticket Grand Prix

BayToday's Great Gift Card auction now lives hundreds of free gift products and services that you can offer.

We have a large range of gift cards, starting at the price of their value, with many local businesses and restaurants, such as Syl de Neighborhood Kitchen, Farina Ristorante, Casey's Grill, Nipissing Winery, Noll's Climate Care, Burger World. , and more!

Online auctions offers an easy and fun way to get incredible clothing, entertainment and services at North Bay at the beginning of the 50 percent face of the card. Start checking your holiday shopping list and gathering your loved ones and friends, or treating yourself, is worth it.

Here's how it works:

– Sign in to your BayToday account (or sign up for a free account).

– Find the item you want to get and write the amount to pay for it.

– Enter your credit card details (you will not be charged if you do not win).

– Select anonymously if you would like to offer, otherwise your name and surname will be displayed in the list.

– Check the "confirm" box and click the ID button.

– That's it! If you are outgoing, we will send you an email.

– At the end of the auction, we will inform all the winners.

The best option is to get your gift card and the winner, it's time to shop.

Auctions Sunday, December 2, 8:59 p.m.

You can be up to date on the Submissions on a click on any of the rods, or click HERE.

Happy offers!

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