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Hunter auditioning for NHL work as coach of Team Canada


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VANCOUVER – Tim Hunter froze Stanley Cup and has been punished by the NHL twice in training during training trials.

Pat Quinn realized she wanted to play with Vancouver Canucks from 1992 to 1996 with Pat Quinn.

It's only here that the Big Irishman statue of Pat Quinn Way is shadowed, Hunter has shone as a coach in Team Canada for the World Championship.

Hunter has undoubtedly applied some lessons in the Hall of Fame. On Friday, when he recalled his favorite story, Quinn starved in a night of Winnipeg.

He went into the Quinn locker room and started five gallon Gatorade bowls, "it was like a cup on the table.

"Oooooh!" We are like Hunter said.

Quinn reached his next goal.

"They had a 50-liter battery, like a battery of steel, like garbage cans, and I'm looking for it and throwing this bottle and it did not move," said Hunter. "Then leave the room and" Wow! "I'm like. Go and get the dog and carry half cement."


"You need to rattle your chains, repeatedly," Hunter said. "Yes, I'm sure I did not throw cement boards."

Hunter, now 58, plays the second violin in the last two decades. After completing an NHL career after the 815. game, Ron Wilson was the assistant coach of more than 1,100 games in the Washington, San Jose and Toronto stations, before joining Capitals in the late season of Adam Oates.

In World Juniors, Hunter was also Dominique Ducharmen's assistant in the last two championships, because Duchame was hired by Montreal Canadiens this year.

It was not until 2014, at the age of 54, that Hunter eventually became the WHL Moose Jaw Warriors coach. That caused regret.

"I've looked back at my coaching career and I probably have to get out and head coach a lot earlier and I've worked hard at Ron," said Hunter. "Ron and I worked for 14 years as a coach assistant, [but] I had to be a coach earlier. "

This is a good time for Hunter, amazed as the candidate for his NHL leadership coaching opportunity.

Mike Babcock, Claude Julien, Mike Keenan, Dave King, Brent Sutter, and Craig Hartsburg, Canadian coach before the NHL World Championship.

NHL coaching is an increasingly younger game, but Hunter has shown that it has evolved. With Maple Leafs, Wilson and Hunter created great renown for the players.

The current generation of the NHL players, and even listen to the millions of Hunter. They want to engage and engage in the process, they do not say what they need to do.

It seems like a hunter

"Eventually after the game, I said my points, then I went around the room and how each player played their behavior and how they played," said Hunter on Friday. "It was great because the boys said the same thing, they had real good comments. We all know where we are, we have to go better. It was a great conversation. If you have a family, boys can check and check the door. We were about to start working. "

Do not make any mistakes, Hunter still makes a stick – and he is not afraid. The 17-year-old Alexis Lafreniria, the 2013 International Qualifier of the 2020 NHL Draft, played against Switzerland on Thursday night.

"It was a skating skate, there were many circles in the game," said Hunter by the Lafrenians. "We talked about it and showed the video and explained it to him. I said:" At the beginning of the game, you can show it or understand it. If you do not, we will limit your ice time. "

Hunter's top players such as Lafreni and Joey Veleno should once again engage in monetary support for Canada. They received a reason. The theater can not be done by others.

Actually, the rest of the tournament is about the buttons that Hunter delivers, and how his team will respond. He was pumped before the champion, after winning 14-0 Denmark, he pumped the brakes and now the tire needs a special pump.

In the 47 games that took place for the third time in the last nine championships, the team against the team was in Canada.

It's not just a whole nation that sees Hunter's moves, but rather the NHL. It will shoot better.

But for now, Hunter has said gold is the only focus.

"It means a lot. I'm rewarding and proud to train this team," Hunter said. "Check out what's happening, interviewing Tim Hunter here, everything is nice. I think that it's an honor to be part of the Hockey Cannon."

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