Wednesday , July 6 2022

I bought MacBook Air and Apple tried to sell a MacBook Pro



Apparently, it's not as good as MacBook Pro


There are some things left with you.

MacBook Air has been one of the few.

Steve Jobs has since used an envelope. This has made public excitement because it is so simple, efficient and reliable.

However, Aire did not change any way so long, it was reasonable to ask that it would never be new.

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Apple finally forced. That's why I had to go to the Apple store to buy one. After all, I had to have a better one and, yes, it was emotional for me.

I went straight to the Bay Area in an Apple store and a seller ran in seconds.

I explained to them that I always used the air, they thanked me and I would like to buy a new one.

– Hmm, said the seller.

The last thing I expected was: "When people say, I want to show MacBook Pro."

"But, please," his voice rang out. "I want to buy a new MacBook Air."

He did not hear Instead, he continued: "You see, with the MacBook Pro, you're getting a better computer."

He made a diagram useful and pro enthusiastic about the pro.

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"The processor is better, so it's faster," he said. I was amazed at all GigaHertzes, but this was mega-pain.

I admit I thought the cards were graphically speaking and I did not catch other numbers. I was a little frustrated.

"And this is just another $ 100," he said.

And when I asked him all I can not buy a new MacBook Air.

In a few seconds they found me flummoxed. Then I asked him about the obvious question: "Is something better about the air?"

"Well, it lasts two hours longer and is lighter," he said. And there, if I did not sell it, I sold it completely.

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The same thing happens to me that the laptop is light and the battery is much longer than in my current air.

Pro vendor was not made.

"But Air is not much lighter," he said. "Here, try to choose both".

I was and was, of course, believing he would be lighter in the air than he was scheduled. Much lighter

I'm not sure I'll try to make me unwanted and passionate I've liked to buy another product I wanted.

This was not an unpleasant conversation. It was beautiful. As if the MacBook Pro had its own specials, it had to be sold or disappeared.

"You probably want to buy Pro," I said. "Why?"

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"I think it's a better value," he repeated, not yet defeated. He understood that he was meeting my needs, but he did not hang on the implication that the needs were not my needs.

"Do you know what?" I said, adding a hopes of building a little tension. "I'd like the air, please."

He lowered himself a bit, as if he had been excluded for some date. I did not ask for a memory of 8 GB or 16GB. He took 8 and had to change the order again.

Perhaps, in its opinion, Air users are primitive types that do not require much memory.

I'm afraid, however, that it's a long memories that stores our MacBook Airs. They have always been always good at remembering.

I do not know how Air used to work with the classics for some time.

But one thing I am sure is: I have never bought a MacBook Pro. Just, you know it.

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