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I met Vince and I would respect it & # 39;

He performed an Enzo Amore show at the West Side Comedy Club and explained the controversial look of the Survivor Series. Sports illustration Justin Barrasso He participated in the show and shared some videos of the former WWE Cruiserweight champion explaining his actions.

"My music had nothing to do with," said Amore, who released his first rap album on the same week of the event. "I did not know if Vince McMahon knew about the world that was more abominable than that, but he would respect him, that's why I did it, it was a person, I proved that I had to win in the statistics and numbers, I did not work for your company, and I bought a card ".

He also went to fascinated details. "I looked and said:" Lisa, I'm a good person. and you know! It was the most intimate moment in the year I had a woman. He went, "You have to go to Vince." I do not work here Lisa! Suddenly, he said: "You have to go," and then I see cops coming, security comes at all angles, and then I looked at it and said, "I deserve it better." Then, slowly, let me stop my shirt, and when police and security guards closed, I went out and peered at the side door and Uber was waiting. He collected two fans in the picture and then hopped in Uberra. How do you do? "

At least it proves that Enzo is never a fun promotion.

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