Wednesday , October 27 2021

If you pay for a cashier, it is promoted by the federal privacy commissioner – National


With regard to the use of credit cards, the Cannabis buyer should automate the ATM, the federal privacy commissioner said on Tuesday a very fast talk.

"Kanabisa is illegal in most non-Canadian countries," the statement warns.

"The personal information of Cannabis users is very sensitive, for example, some countries may deny access to individuals, if they have purchased cannabis, even if they are correct."

"If you are concerned about using your credit card, and the option is available, check cannabis purchase."

(In many countries, it is easier to say than that, but B.C. has a legal cannabis shop, Quebec has more than 12 stores to have more than eight million inhabitants, and Ontario will not open until April next year, of which only 25 will open.

In mid-October, United States border officials allowed Canadians to use Canadian marijuana from within, if they decided to use an official border in the United States. U.S. The law allows the use of past marijuana for the life of the person, even though this law happened.

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However, the United States immigration lawyers who follow the problem say that it is not practiced since October 17. For Canadian Canadian Laws, legalization B.C. He invested in a Nevada facility.

Cannabis vendors would not have to buy buyers data, as the statement states:

"The way to minimize the outreach option of outsourced governments (cannabis use is not legal in most other jurisdictions) and reduce the impact of data breaches or reduce the number of buyers' names or other personal information that does not record personal information of the customers."

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Vendors should pay attention to where customer data is stored.

"Note that saving Cloud or proprietary data storage allows the transfer or storage of personal information outside of Canada, so it could access foreign law enforcement … [P]This possibility of accessing foreign government data is a particular concern, which means that in general, it will have more privacy in order to store personal data of a server located in Canada. "

NOTE: Canadian lawyers are requesting government advice in the United States

The customer should ask the country where their data will be generated and the buyers' boycott not respond well.

"Those who keep your personal information in Kanabisa choose to buy cannabis."

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