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Important moments of Jody Wilson-Raybould's SNC-Lavalin testimonial

He warned Jody Wilson-Raybould of the court of the ordinary court next Wednesday, according to which the well-directed campaign of the Prime Minister's headquarters was well documented to prevent the criminal prosecution of the SNC-Lavalin engineering firm.

Wilson-Raybould considered unwanted attempts at political staff as well as Secretary of the Michael Wernick Board Privilege, the country's top bureaucrats, overtaking public prescription and negotiating a deferred deal with the Public Prosecutor's Office (DPA) with SNC-Lavalin, thus avoiding the accusation It is hoping to secure the Libyan government contracts.

The former Minister of Justice has said the commission was not accepting permanent pressure and confirmed that it was "a political interference" but that it was not illegal.

Here are some main procedures: the main attorney general committee:

1. & # 39; Permanent Pressure & # 39; and hidden threats & # 39;

Kathleen Roussel, in September 2001, the prosecutor's office decided that he would not make an agreement and would continue with a trial against SNC Lavalin, Wilson-Raybould said that he had made a similar decision about the matter – and he made it clear to all that the Government did not He will participate in the PPSC process.

The Prime Minister said that he still has 10 phone calls and 10 people from PMO members met Mathieu Bouchard, Trudeau Quebec Advisor, and special consultant Elder Marques, among others.

Taking into account possible economic decisions, Wilson-Raybould said that he was dismantled in his position and had no other action.

Ben Chin, Finance Minister Bill Morneau's chief of staff, and Gerry Butts, former prime minister's former Secretary-General, took the pressure to consider. Butts resigned by ethics.

Wilson-Raybould said that many liberal and federal parties were bent or dismissed by the SNC-Lavalin staff as a result of the political consequences of political consequences.

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"I have had a consistent and lasting effort for many people within the government to interfere politically with the prosecutor's discourse …" 1:08

"In government, I've been living a consistent and consistent effort of many people with the Canadian Attorney General to interfere politically with the arbitration of my prosecutors," he said.

"In interviews, the interference of the SNC-Lavalin issue was considered essential for the expressive statements, the potential consequences and the threat of threats that SNC did not make available to the SNC," he said.

2. "I'm a Quebec-based parliamentarian"

Wilson-Raybould said he was in disrepair with pressure, when he said that he was meeting with a minister at the meeting with Justin Trudeau, Trudea said they were concerned about the dismissal of SNC-Lavalin and the company's viable sustainability. punishment charges

A convention could require tendering in federal contracts with less than 10 years, the main source of revenue from the company.

"At that moment, the PM emphasized that there was a Quebec election and" I am a Quebec MP, a member of the papineau. "

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"Politically you have my general attorney general," Wilson-Raybould asked Trudeau. "I would strongly advise against it." 1:15

"I pretty much take it," said Wilson-Raybould.

"My answer – and I remember this strongly – asked the question promptly while I asked the PM:" Politically I remember my role, my AG's decision to hinder me. "The Prime Minister said:" No, no, no, we just need a solution, "said Wilson-Raybould on Wednesday.

By informing the local testimony, Trudea did not deny anything wrong, and said the government worries about job losses, for the 9,400 Canadian workers working for SNC-Lavalin, when discussing DPA.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters in Montreal after a testimony to Wilson-Raybould 0:57

"The debate completely" he said with the characterization of his events.

3. "Partially Political Reflections"

Wilson-Raybould say after telling your cousin September Minister that's it All the matter was decided upon Workers' efforts and others should stop immediately.

"Several officials recalled that they had taken political considerations of politics, which made it unnecessary, "said PMO staff in the elections in the provinces of Quebec, when they talked about the workers of the right wing party, Avenir Quebec. .

"We are a system that respects the independence of the legal, fiscal functions, and especially discreetly, and the concerns over the use of competencies," he said.

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The PMO staff said that Mathieu Bouchard and Elder Marques said they were "throwing tires", I did not have to create and stop them, it was enough, "said Wilson-Raybould. 0:41

Wilson-Raybould met with Butts on December 5, 2018, to discuss "kidnapping of the people to catch me and my staff."

4. & # 39; Need to find a solution & # 39;

Wilson-Raybould said Butts said he was compassionate, but that he needed "some kind of" solutions to SNC.

But Butts told him that he did not like prime ministers who first created the Canadian Public Prosecutor's Service – a prosecutorial prosecutor separated from other law enforcement departments.

After a clear-cut reluctance to find a solution and find a solution, on December 18, 2018, its chief staff, Jessica Prince, was "urgent," Butts and prime minister, Katie Telford, met to discuss a DPA.

In an exchange of text messages, he said that he was immediately sent after that meeting, Prince spoke to Wilson-Raybould about the interview.

"Gerry said:" Jess, here is no solution to any interference, "said Wilson-Raybould.

"At least, finally, they asked what they were doing. You would not mind the independence of the PPSC. Katie" We do not want to discuss laws. "…" We are not lawyers while we are there, but here are some solutions. " said the prince in a Wilson-Raybould text.

5. & # 39; Saturday night slaughter & # 39;

Then, after calling 19th in Wernick, Wilson-Raybould said the secretary had made it clear that the Prime Minister was "very determined, fairly strong," and he wanted to know why DPA's route "is not being used."

Wernick told Trudeau that he was "worried."

Wilson-Raybould said Wernick told Trudeau that "he has to find a way out of one way or another, so that's a mood and I want to know that."

The secretary said the Prime Minister did not ask anything "out of the box that is legal or appropriate."

Wilson-Raybould said he had taken the utmost decision and that the message on Wernick's issue was "dangerous to the ground here."

"And I gave a tough warning, according to the AG … I can not act in a partisan manner and I can not motivate politically. And all that, that scream," he said.

Wernick told Trudea that he had understood the decision by Wilson-Raybould and that he was aware of the Prime Minister's desire for this matter, the Prime Minister said he thought it was "Saturday Night Massacre."

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"I was sure the Prime Minister gave the best advice to protect him." 1:15

Wilson-Raybould talked about some 1973 events, U.S. President Richard Nixon, during the Watergate scandal, officials from the Justice Department assured the prosecutor a special procedure.

The High Court, and then the General Deputy Attorney, resigned the president to take action.

Wilson-Raybould also said he should resign with the direct mandate of the prime minister, signing an DPA or otherwise.

6. & # 39; I did not think resignation & # 39;

Asked why he did not resign his position while the general attorney and the minister of justice was at the time applying for unfair pressure, Wilson-Raybould said:

"In my opinion, my work was as a general attorney, I supported the basic principle of constitutional independence of the prosecution and the independence of our judicial power, that's my job, that was my job, but as a general attorney.

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Former Minister of Justice said that despite his pressure to maintain his work, he applied that he applies "because the prosecution independence protects the basic constitution principle." 0:40

"And, as long as I was an attorney, I would not be responsible for the independence of the public trial board when exercising its discretion."

7. & # 39; It's not illegal & # 39;

Wilson-Raybould said he felt pressure on Wednesday, though he did not believe what was wrong was illegal. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer asked the RCMP to investigate the issue.

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"It is very appropriate and it is a compromise or avoidance of imposing an independent attorney". 0:43

"In my opinion, it is not illegal, it is very appropriate for comments, depending on the nature of the press, according to the specific issues that are posed. It is very appropriate and a commitment or imposition attempt is an independent attorney," said NDP MP Nathan Cullen in a question.

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