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Improper registration of Islamabad-Pakistan counterpart 25pc


Ikram Junaidi

ISLAMABAD: The anti-pollute vaccine campaign was launched in the social media, the advocacy process started in the last decade was 25 euro.

An old two-month-old girl who came to Tehsil Ghazi on the 30th was Czech. The sick man fell down and died in Haripuren's 2nd. This incident was reported in the media and died as a result of the pituitary vaccine.

The story was expanded in social media, then the number of cancellations in the capital.

A study report on the subject said the girl had no relation to the vaccine of the lung and died of pneumonia.

"Most of the exclusions come from educated people in the social network. We have had 69 retirement in the entire city for the last polio campaign, and this time we have only been in the Defense Housing Authority. Parents confused their children with the polio groups," Islamabad Polio Focus Asif Rahim said Dawn.

A recording by Istil, which is available with Dawn, is a man who plays badly with a group of polio and has to be able to decide whether parents want a child's vaccine.

"You've been visiting my house five times now. Now I'm going to stop here, or I'll call them guards. I've seen a child die from a poison vaccine. I do not want my children to vaccinate, you can do what you want," he says.

An official in Islamabad Capital Territory said most people are lied and have already said they had a baby in the hospital and they could not ask for a certificate or card.

"We have disapproved Bahria Town and Kural from the urban societies, since the vaccine for children has become very difficult. The percentage of criminal penalties is lower than in previous campaigns, despite the presence of Commissioners and assistant curators," he said.

"The media should be able to cover these responsibilities to reduce the number of news polls coming in January," he said.

On the other hand, a report from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government wounded a two-month-old baby, reports that the vaccine of the polio does not have to do with his death.

According to the report by the Dawn Discovery Commission, pneumonia died and four-year-old brother and other children in the area were also vaccinated and healthy and healthy.

The report recommends regulating measures to prevent chaos from the public, such as publishing news on sensitive issues about polio.

The matter is that the news has to be reviewed before publishing, because polio eradication is a national cause and because of these activities it can damage the campaign.

Published on Dawn, December 17, 2018

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