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In the Senate mailbox, the Canadian post-employment law decision is Monday


The Senate decided to end the law proposal on the Government's post in Canada on Monday, after the hours of discussion and witness testimony.

Senators were to be seated on Sunday, if necessary, but after about eight hours of testimony and discussion, the third and final reading of Bill C-89 was re-arranged on Monday afternoon.

This means that retroactive legislation is set in motion in the afternoon, if the lawmakers go through on Monday.

A strange weekend he saw the debates on the motivation of the government, the workers to retreat from their posts, partisans and concerns about the rights of the kings.

The controversial process, if exceeded, would be at midday ET day the next day.

On Saturday, the membership of the Independent Senators (ISG) requested anonymity, because it was not allowed to speak publicly CBC News that several ISG members had concerns with Bill C-89 and that they complied with charter rights.

In 2015, the Supreme Court believed that Canadian workers had a fundamental right to strike, protected by the constitution.

Invalid bill

The Senator said there was no reason behind the government, for the Senate's "extraordinary" seat, to abolish the normal rules of the dispute and to bill the bill one day.

The Justice Minister sent a letter to the Senate, at 1:00 p.m., on Saturday, to address the rights of workers' rights.

This statement explains the considerations of the bills and the government believes that the right to freedom of association and freedom of expression.

The government says the Bill C-89 corresponds with the code, because it is important for the recovery of postal services in Canada. And legislation, the government argues, would prevent business and continuing Canadian damage, especially the need for postal services, such as rural or elderly Canadians.

The Canadian Rights and Freedoms Charter does not refer to economies or businesses, nor, in particular, geographical inequality.

The Government's actions repeatedly advocated that "the negotiation process of collective bargaining has made significant steps to boost the negotiation process for negotiating a successful negotiation process that is beneficial to all parties," the parties' conflicts. "

Senators were not happy with the document. Sen. Murray Sinclair was so unimpressed that the Senate said "it was a bit shocked that the toilet paper that was filed with us was not useless."

Watch: Patty Hajdu explains the need for labor law

The Minister of Employment, Patty Hajdu, starts discussing the recovery and monitoring of postal services in the Commons Commons. 1:55

As the procedure began on Saturday, Sen. Peter Harder, the government's representative of the Senate, introduced the "law" legislation.

"Let me be clear, back-to-work legislation is a last resort," he said. "We are after all".

He talked harder about interruptions to the service of the Canadians, and said that the agreement had reached no parliamentary intervention.

However, he thinks he is the best way.

"Our legislation shows a positive approach to solving a difficult and delicate conflict."

If the deferral of the bill goes back, he will appoint a Mediator-referee to obtain an agreement for Canadian Posture and the union of the workers. If they are resolved, they would have binding arbitration.

Why did he take so much time?

The Conservative of the Senate Leo Housakos, Trudeau Liberal, abused the rotators for five weeks.

In the end, he admits the law, but said that the liberals "respond only when politically a shame becomes a shame".

The Senate's Yuen Pau Woo, who heads the ISG, commented on the critical nature of the legislature.

"Participation is the long-term sustainability and availability of Canadian postal mail services as well as the rights and employment conditions of the workers."

The government did not press the Red Chamber lobby to rush Bill C-89 on Saturday to abolish the Senate debate.

The members of the Union of the Union of Canada (CUPW) have made one-month crossings, mass mailboxes in bulk mailboxes and packages in mailboxes.

Canadian Post could spend some weeks until 2019 to extend the built-up background, especially the main centers for the organization of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

50,000 members of the CUPW, in both groups, demand better wages for rural and neighboring people, with greater job security and minimum guaranteed hours.

The leaders of the Union held a strong opposition to the constitutional legislation this week, to fight for actions of the government in court and in the streets.

Labor Minister Patty Hajdu has defended his government's legislation for this week, saying "not heavy".

CBC News Network's business panel examines work legislation:

Our weekend business panel has proposed the federal government, voted from 166 to 43. 6:43

Hajdu and the Public Service Minister Carla Qualtrough appeared before the Senate on Saturday to give statements and answer questions.

When Liberal struck, the impact of the strikes was minimized and the ultimate goal of the conflict of labor was as little as possible.

"The government's vision is that the legislation we have made is very balanced," said Hajduk.

Disaster for feasts

On the appearances of the ministers, the Post of Vice President of Canada and the head of the union made notes to the House of Representatives.

"I did not want to discuss working here," says Jessica McDonald of Canada Post.

"Although we made great efforts … we could not find it common ground".

This weekend, Canadian Post will send only 30,000 parks, with 500,000 predicted, said the toll due to stalking consumers.

CUPW President Mike Palece, balked in his comments, calling fictional statistics.

He shared a lot of stories about some of the work-wounded workers, or they were barely covering their families for a long time.

He declined the bill of work returned.

"Our letter rights will be violated," he said. "I do not think that this bill is necessary, I think it's better to improve Canadian job posting."

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