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In the worst markets since 2008

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Investors will be happy to look back at 2018, after having undergone the worst after a decade of global stock markets.

Failure of FTSE 100's early early Eve year-end declined by 12% at 6,728.13 points.

European and Asian big markets were similar to those of 2018, with the main US indices having the worst economic crisis in 2008.

US and Chinese trade are among the worst and most sluggish global growth trends.

Analysts also mentioned US political uncertainty and interest rates rise as a factor.

Since the end of the decision by the US President Donald Trump, he managed to finance the financing of the Mexican border wall.

Mr Trump invested periodically in China for imports. Earlier this month, both parties decided to suspend new tariffs for agreements.

The Lehendakari, with the central bank, compared to the Federal Reserve, interest rates should be increased.

At the same time, the Italian row of budgets in Europe gradually progressed in Brussels, under the command of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French French "gilets jaunes" and, of course, Brexit.

Although historically enormous, the US stock market fell somewhat less than elsewhere, perhaps due to the economic boost provided by the Trump administration, $ 1.5tn, tax cuts, and employment law in December 2017.

On Monday in Asia, Hang Seng in Hong Kong made almost a 14% drop in the year, Nikkei fell almost 15% in 2018, and the 22% drop in China's Shanghai Composite (SSE) was down.

In some territories, the shares saw the modest development of the New Year Eve business, boosted by the optimism of the recent rotation in the US and Chinese trade.

Investors welcomed the latest comments by Trump and tweeted that the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, had "long and very good" and that the trade agreement could go ahead.

In the context of the general performance of the annual market, however, it was very small, too late.

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