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Influenza Activity – USA and worldwide, from May 20 to October 13, 2018


Authors and Disclosures

Eric J. Chow, MD1.2, C. Todd Davis, PhD2, Anwar Isa Abd Elal2, Noreen Alabi, MPH2, Eduardo Azziz-Baumgartner, MD2, John Barnes, PhD2, Lenee Blanton, MPH2, Lynnette Brammer, MPH2, Alicia P. Bud, MPH2, Erin Burns, MA2, William W. Davis, DrPH2, Vivien G. Dugan, PhD2, Alicia M. Fry, MD2, Rebecca Garten, PhD2, Lisa A. Grohskopf, MD2, Larisa Gubareva, PhD2, Yunho Jang, PhD2, Joyce Jones, MS2, Krista Kniss, MPH2, Stephen Lindstrom, PhD2, Desiree Mustaquim, MPH2, Rachael Porter, MPH2, Melissa Rolfes, PhD2, Wendy Sessions, MPH2, Calli Taylor, MPH2, David E. Wentworth, PhD2, Xiyan Xu, MD2, Natosha Zanders, MS2, Jacqueline Katz, PhD2 and Daniel Jernigan, MD2

1Epidemiological Intelligence Service, CDC; 2Influenza Division, National Immunization and Respiratory Disease Center, CDC.

Corresponding author
Eric J. Chow, [email protected], 404-639-3747.

All authors have filled out and sent the ICMJE form to cause conflicts of interest. No conflicting interest is possible.

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