Monday , May 29 2023

Instagram & # 39; Close friends & # 39 ;: What is it and how to use it


It was there It was only time to share social networks with your friends. Then your old skins started lifting up from school and added to them to keep the tablets in a baby or a baby. Your parents got into social networks, so you have to add them. Then your boss sent a friend's request, and would have to leave that rude one, right? In the end, social media finds less than one aspect of your trustworthiness, as well as digital rolodex, even more popular than ever – and even more and more people have never met.

Thanks to Instagram, this has been waiting for love. You can share details of your life, but with a colleague or relative, as far as you feel comfortable with an ex-lover or a stranger. And as a result, social media have become "less". Although the language has changed; The line between "friends" and "followers" is blurred.

Instagram now reappears some of these privacy. The Facebook-owned app is launching a new feature called "Close Friends", allowing users to create a separate list of followers to give them special visuals. When the story is sent to Instagram, users will have a different opportunity to send and send them to the closest friend.

Instagram made it one year ago Instagram started with a small Instagram user group. The company noticed that users wanted more control of their audiences; During beta testing, users liked more than just listening to the Audience stories in their main messages. As a result, functionality works like a group of messages to share personal data: a new relationship, frustration at work, that people might not share with all audiences.

While the platform is growing, more than 400 million people have published stories every day, according to Instagram users, their audience measures have been more than just provisional methods. Some are based on the Instagram messaging tool for sending small messages to small friends. Others use secondary accounts, or "finstagrams", to show different or intimate parts of their lives to limited viewers. This new function includes some of these flexibility in the main account, allowing users to create a regular infinite closest list.

Once you update your Instagram application to the latest version and add a new feature, tap Profile in the side menu, and select Close friends. The Curated List can be changed at any time, and you can only see who in your list.

When you send a story to your friend's list, you will see a green tray in your profile picture in the story tray. The stories published on all followers will still appear with a pink ring. According to Instagram, the user gives them "access to their own list": someone does not see the green ring, because they are not cut or simply because they do not send stories that do not close their friends.

For millions of Instagram users, shutting down your friends could be easier platforms. Or you can introduce a new and dynamic social dynamic, as in the next generation version of MySpace's Top 8. Instagram. On the other hand, users want to give a new way of sharing, and with good luck, users even more reason to share.

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