Wednesday , October 27 2021

Integrity watchdog proves Ron Taverner's top-ranking Ontario policeman


Ontario Whole Commissioner has confirmed Tuesday that Toronto Police Suoint appointments are being consulted. Rum Taverner next police commissioner of the province, following the request of a NDP member about the Doug Ford Premier.

An e-mail sent by David Wake told a questionnaire by Kevin Yarde, MPP Brampton North, about Ford. Wake said the query will be made to the membership's integrity by law, in 1994.

Ford told reporters Tuesday the new Amazon office after visiting Toronto midway, has called Taverner's appointment and has reportedly committed allegations of political interference.

Premier says the appointment will go ahead

"Ron Taverner is the guy … the guy has moved to the police, and it's a review. And I'll tell you one thing, when the review is made, the best commander will be the OPP ever seen," Ford said.

"We hope Ron Taverner is the OPP commissioner."

Once again, after talking to journalists, after visiting Amazon's new office on Downtown Toronto on Tuesday, Ontario's Prime Minister Doug Ford defended the appointment of the newcomer Ron Taverner OPP. (Nathan Denette / Canadian Press)

Taverner, a Ford family friend, prepared a new job on Monday, but announced that the weekend would wait until the Commissioner had waited for his research.

On Monday, at the age of 72, he worked three times to lead some of Toronto's police divisions.

Ford also defended Taverner, first of all, under the supervision of officers. Ford's OPP officials called for an appointment to help support Taberners as "curious".

"Looking at his credentials, he speaks himself. About thirty years ago, police said," said Ford. "That's what it is today in the OPP desperately."

The Taverner police officer will continue until the end of the review

Ford said Taverner has resigned his resignation because he would lose time waiting for the completion of the investigation.

"He retrieved, because he is doing the review and will not sit for four weeks or six weeks or, in any case, a review will be made, nothing will be done," said the prime minister.

Toronto police supt Ron Taverner, who runs three Toronto police divisions, will continue to work on the police until the end of the investigation. (Oliver Walters / CBC)

Asked what he was doing if he found a problem with the procurement investigation, Ford said: "You are not saying anything, what do I want to do when we get it through the review, we will review and see what happens."

Opposition leader requests public inquiry

In the meantime, the Ontario Official Opposition calls for a public poll to present allegations about political interference.

NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath, has said that the fact that the curatorial recruitment investigation is not going to happen in closed doors.

Horwath said the least-used subjects with the two queries allowed the public consultation law to allow the entire commissioner to launch public investigation – a power reserved for the principal and his cabinet.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath calls for a public interrogation to report allegations about the political interference on the designation of the new police chief of the province. (Galit Rodan / Canadian Press)

"It's a research on this relevance, a study that is critical to the public trust in OPP, must be an open and transparent process," said Horwath on Tuesday.

He said the entire public consultation "to allow witnesses to call, request documents and witnesses to be self-incriminating and to protect discipline or remuneration."

After appointing the new curator Taverner, by the end of November, Ford approved a reduction in the position of attracting a wider range of job candidates.

The curator of the Court of Appeals, Brad Blair, has sued the court for the Paul Dube opposition in Ontario to investigate the recruitment of Taverner.

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