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Is it finally ready to give up smoking? 2019 could be your year


This year's burning was hot!

Dependence on smokers A decision on the use of tobacco and nicotine to change South African laws – the cigarettes, cigars, "rollies" or the latest electronic devices – was the focus of the Health Ministry.

The proposed legislation also deals with things that make it appealing to tobacco use, such as advertising and fancy brands. These will be completely forbidden, or they will represent graphic and surprising images and show the effects of burning on your body.

As the price of these items is growing, restaurants no longer have any part of the burning, and burning is harder and harder, as they are difficult to find "designated areas".

Everyone has been smoking for many years, and we've found the top 10 in the road to make it easier to travel a bit:

1. EVALUATION: How many people worry in the world?

Statistics would surprise …

cafe smoking woman

2. That's why your vanilla or cinnamon flake e-cigar is toxic

The sensitivities that come out of your e-cigarette can create health risks.

e-cigar exploded

3. Should a cigar die one day?

The minimum amount of smoking can cause damage – even if you are not a regular smoker. Here's why.

4. Do you have to quit smoking?

The smokers offering kutxa incentives are much more likely to quit cigarettes than those who offer advice.

young people who smoke bars

5. How to create your own smoking cessation plan

Changing habits that encourage your tobacco use and make it easier to burn.

While smoking is working at the table

6. The second smoke pet is bad

Dogs and cats not only snuff tobacco but they also import harmful substances by licking the owner's hair, skin and clothing, an expert warns.

The second smoke pet is bad

7. Minors suffer from habitual smokers

Los Angeles student surveys have found that adolescents often do twice more than start smoking twice a month for them to start smoking.

teens smoking e-cigarettes

8. Here's how cancer works

In their studies, laboratory mice with e-cigar smoke have more damage to the heart, lungs, and bladder DNA compared to control mice.

9. Do you allow smoking? It may change a bit of exercise

The best results for weight reduction over the quitting rate were found weekly during the week in 150 minutes of moderate activity intensity.

at the crossroads of women

10. 10 Smile myths still believe

Do you justify any claims that are associated with your smoking? Indeed, we distinguish it from falseness.

10 myths about smoking still believe

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