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Is Steven Avery Guilty? Here's what the exhibition has left


Now most people have heard false reports. But when a journalist tries to send all the facts, he can be able to tell a story in a sound way, without telling a lie.

Anyone who has seen the success of Netflix series The murderer Some opinions about 2015 were begun. Indeed, as the story was told, many people believe that Steven Avery was badly condemned … again. But others have told the documentary that the main evidence against Avery is not necessarily punished.

Is creative creator the goal? Maybe Steven Avery's question of innocence is less obvious.

Steven Avery Steven Avery | YouTube murder

What happened to Steven Avery?

At least, as the driver influenced the show, he painted Steven Avery as a victim. First, he accidentally robbed him and only saved him after being imprisoned for 18 years. For nearly two decades of life, Avery has sued the Manitowoc County Court and Dennis Vogel forensic law for $ 36 million. Palo settled for $ 400,000.

Steven Avery was murdered by a local photographer named Teresa Halbach, who disappeared on October 31, 2005. He was one of his last known appointments with Avery in his rescue yard. Then he was confusion and a nonsense circus.

The murderer Steven Avery's sandbox | Netflix via YouTube

Why were Steven Avery murdered?

Documentary The murderer Asked the obvious question: Steven Avery was a local-law-led litigation and in general his dislike depends on? Do you know that their accusations have until now been punished by a murder? It seemed sensitivity, at least to see the first part of the show. But there are some elements left out, why the jury of his members found Steven Avery guilty of murder.

What evidence has he left "Making an inventor"?

When people hear when Steven Avery once tortured a cat, it may be a bit disgusted, but ultimately writing off as a little child. However, serial killers tend to be "cultivated" by animals. And it is not as Avery killed a cat – he spray gasoline, he burned the fire and he suffered while he was watching. It was not a small crime … it was terrifying. Avery also admitted that the family was a cat, not random.

Animal cruelty is bad enough. But, apart from that, Avery cited his improper intentions after releasing him from prison. Ken Kratz, a forensic doctor, explains: "When Avery demanded that he be sentenced to imprisonment," when he wanted to build a "torture chamber," he raped, tortured and killed young women, and also drew the diagram. Removing a body is burning … It's destroying Heat DNA. & # 39; "

He might have done it with improper condemnation. Or perhaps he was deadly serious.

Did Steven Avery Helena Teresa Halbach know?

Teresa Halbach Teresa Halbach | Netflix via YouTube

Teresa Halbach, a freelance photographer of the Auto Trader magazine, therefore makes sense to go to Avery during her work. But answering that the door was wearing just once a towel, Halbache admitted that it was "dazzled" and did not want to return.

But Avery wanted to see a pretty young photographer again, so he asked him to come back and take his false name back. His appointment with Avery's sister was replaced by Barb Janda.

Avery called Halbach on October 31, the disappearance, to block the phone number * 67 function. Of course, he knew that he did not know who he called.

The evidence against Avery was more incommunicado

In an email, Ken Kratz questioned the intentions of the documentary's creator.

It seems that Halbach found personal belongings including his phone, camera and other things in a canoe, next to Avery. Both witnesses saw things burning in the barricade. However, these details were never mentioned The murderer.

Kratz also said that fire bones were confused with self-propelled steel belts, which did not support bones. According to the Wisconsin State Magazine article: "The analysts also used the safety belts that were used as security accelerators in courts that were found on six tires, and 5 liters of cube were used to distribute burnt traces."

And thought they planted this bullet? Ballistics proved that Steven Avery's gun was shot and seized during the first search of property.

Steven Averyren's gun Steven Averyren gun | Netflix via YouTube

Is Steven Avery guilty?

At the end of the day, there is no definitive way to verify that Steven Avery is innocent or guilty. The same man and Teresa Halbach only know what happened in a wonderful day of 2005. But watching Netflix documentary The murdererIt is essential to keep in mind the two variants of the documentary's supervisor. A show on innocent behind the bars is more fascinating television.

Avery's newest attorney, Kathleen Zellner believes that Steven Avery was convicted of unexpectedly, and presented his trusted move to get a new trial. Perhaps in the light of his findings, the new evidence proves innocent.

Once again, it may not be.

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