Friday , October 7 2022

Is the mystery of the dark thing resolved? Oxford University scientists can answer one of the biggest questions in the universe


Scientists could solve dark matter and dark energy, the mystery of one of the most mysterious and troubling parts of the universe.

And the solution could be very simple: astrophysics became accustomed to adding a simple minus sign.

Dark matter may be the biggest question in astrophysics. The current model suggests that energy and matter are high in quantity, that the 95 percent of the universe must exist, but we should not miss it.

We can find out that the two phenomena are the consequences of other issues that we see. But we do not know anything like that, including the physicist.

A scientist from Oxford University proposed that they meet a new theory in order to solve a question of astronomers and astrophysicists over the decades.

Dr. Farnes suggests that dark energy and dark matter are a fluid in a "negative mass". This means that it would be the investment of the normal mass: if you lose it, it would go to you.

The implications of this advancement suggestion are enormous and they provide a solution to the many missing things.

"They can be combined into a fluid like dark matter and dark energy, which is combined into a fluid that has a" negative gravity ", recognizes the rest of the material," said Dr. Farnes. "Although this matter is peculiar to us, our cosmos are symmetrical, positive and negative qualities."

Negative topics have been proposed beforehand, that the material would become so much more intense that the dissemination of the universe would be. This contrasts with real observations, which shows that dark energy does not develop over time.

However, Dr. Farnes says that the dark energy generated all the time is new. Since the negative energy is constantly increasing, a fluid would not be diluted, as the universe expanded.

The fluid it seems seems to work with dark energy.

"The result seems pretty beautiful: dark energy and dark matter are able to be combined into one single substance, as the two effects reveal a positive massive explanation, a positive mass of surf on the negative masses," he said.

Researchers can now test the theory we can expect through the Square Kilometer Array, the largest telescope in the world that is currently under construction and when it's over. But, if it's true, LambdaCDM can solve the current image of the universe, which determines the dark matter and energy that has been our physical problem.

"There are still a lot of theoretical issues and computational simulation, and LambdaCDM has been in the beginning for 30 years, but I hope that this new extended version of LambdaCDM will determine some other observational evidence about our cosmology." he said. "If it is true, we would suggest that 95% of the cosmos lack aesthetic solution: we have forgotten to enter a simple sign minus".

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