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Israeli scientists hear insects finding flowers

JERUSALEM, December 30 (Xinhua) – Israeli research has found that night-primrose flowers, bees and nose-skull sounds have been plagued by pollen, and sugar rises in the concentration of sugar in three minutes.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, on Sunday, researchers say the discovery may lead to an understanding of the evolution of flowers and insects.

Recent studies have shown how plants respond to light (visual sense), mechanical stimulation (sense of touch) and chemicals (smell) that evaporate in the air.

Scientists at the University of Tel Aviv present their latest study of Israeli scientists with a quick response to the sound of plants.

The study also shows that the reactions of the plants depend on the frequency of buzzing sounds. When they experienced more frequent sounds than pollinators, there was no increase in the concentration of nectar sugar.

Agricultural production due to energy-intensive activity, plants invest well in their resources and pay attention to the time of pollen activity. As a result, pollinators receive a prize for each unit that invests in a flower.

This finding may have more effects, amongst others, on the evolution of plants and insects.

The researchers say the development of flower shape can also be caused by the factors that influence the ability of plant hearing.

The discovery suggests that plants also affect other sounds, including humans, to harm the ability to communicate with flowers and bees.

The study shows the sounds of pollination and synthetic sounds with similar frequencies, those that cause the vibration of the petals and provide fast response, since the concentration of sugar increases in nectars.

In one of the experiments, the researchers gathered glass-free flowers and then spread the plant to the sounds of pollinators. There was no sugar concentration in the nectar.

Scientists say that plants can appear as herbivores, other animals, natural factors, and perhaps other plants, to respond and respond. Let's face it

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