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ISS Hole Mystery is very strange – Roscosmos & Future International Partnerships?

This year's biggest space story was definitely the mysterious Soyuz capsule ship, linked to the International Space Station. This event shook Ryuguren's asteroid territory and other terrific achievements.

After the Earth and ISS research, the Russian cosmonaut responded with caution: the hole was dug into the capsule. But when and how? Here is where the mystery comes from.

At the end of August, the Johnson Space Center aircraft controllers revealed a drop in air pressure in the space station, but the crew did not endanger it. The leak found on the boat was a wide two-millimeter hole in the Russian Soyuz Russian space capsule. The capsule brought three astronauts June June. As soon as the vehicles filled the epoxy and gas filled hole, they started asking how they arrived. The first option was that the capsule was littered with garbage junk or micrometeoroids, but the evidence proved that the man who created the hole.

Rosmosmos leader Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin overwhelmed the Earthquake or space station member of the crew – as suggested by the Russian authorities, their statements were turned back, but Russian and US space relations were damaged. measure

Last results – Soyuz Capsule's Sabotage?

Eventually, on December 11, Sergei Prokopyev and Oleg Kononenko got an 8-hour long bridge to study the hole and send scientists to the Earth's investigation to stain a 10-inch sample.

According to Prokopyev's statement, Monday, it was dug inside, which means that mankind was created intentionally or unexpectedly. Prokopyev said "we should not think about our crew badly," he said, because the hole was dug by a crew in space, the role of microgravity is very difficult.

This means that it is likely that while an engineer dug the capsule on the ground – in production, maintenance and repair. Problems have not been noticed or reported, or the hole in the capsule is already a sealant that was falling while in the orbit.

If it proves that the mistake happened on the ground, Roscosmos and security will have a problem with the verification protocol, willing to be ready for international partners and ready for the launch of Soyuz.

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