Tuesday , May 18 2021

It is advisable to find a match between KSI Ninja and Tfue

The KSI released a new video among the renowned players of Fortvite, Ninja and Tfuer, and rolled 1v1.

He dismissed the video, he had no good Fortnite, and should avoid any challenge and attack by Ninja and Tfue.

The KSI covered a clip where Ninja tossed Tfue's rockets and auto rifle fires with the only Tfue snipe advantage.

YouTuber spent a lot of time with Fortnite, since he was trying to confuse the Ninja by using a Rift. "Did the Ninja just jump through a portal or a wormhole? F *** has changed a lot since I played it," said KSI.

The video shows that Tfue is probably a corner on the Fortnite skateboard, when Ninja lost only one turn.

The above mentioned clips were mainly a new stream, where a Ninja hacker was accused, but that player was Tfue. If someone complains of accusation or hacking, you'll be fine.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, who is better at Tfue or Ninja? I think right now we say that Tfue," concluded the CIS.

The Ninja probably does not care too much, since Twitch overcame the unbelievable viewers of 2018.

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