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It was a beautiful girl – friends remember Crystal Papineau, after being trapped in a donated clothes bin

However, the new 56-bed shelters, which they want to open this month, will cause small pressures, when more than 120 women are sleeping, and even more to survive, and Rabin said.

The longtime friend of Papineau, Meg Inwood, said: "The death of Christ was tragic and nonsense.

"But it seems that they are good reasons.

"And that's why we're here tonight."

Papineau was found in a city block, Sistering, a 24-7 drop in women, a regular guest. When they get there, women can receive healthcare and help in safe places where they are also associated with friends.

Papineau, who lived in homeless lives during his life, was the fourth famous Sistering who died from July to July.

"We have recently been sentenced to death and this is no one better understood than anyone else," said Patricia O & # 39; Connell's Executive Director.

"I think who he was and how great his heart was.

"He was a very beautiful human being".

O & # 39; Connell said Papineau was particularly good at connecting with women's entertainment, although he struggled with his problems. "I often asked someone who was really hard," said O Connell.

"He has always wanted to help."

The dead Papineau will make a remembrance later in the month. On Thursday, four women said the star at the time of their friends.

Jessica Joynt, 52, Maria Ventura, 54, Jessica Peach, 25, and Chantal, 29,Star's journalist did not want to use his surname,He was described as a fun, intelligent and creative person who was very close to Papineau and was a long-time supportive to others.

Something more than wearing clothes on metal bins, they said, so he gave them things to his friends.

Joynt, Peach and Chantal Papineau rejected the papyrinth.

"It was the best hugger in the world. It did not matter if you were away or not. It was very durable," said Chantal, who had touched Papineau's resistance.

Peache recalled that he had always seen his friend's drawing. "Each time he got his money every week, he would come with new color books and new markers," he said.

Joynt Papineau talked about the gift of poetry. "I read a single one and I lose it. It was very touching and moving."

Ventura met in Kensington on a summer day five years ago. Ventura was only on the market in a park. Papineau was with friends. "He said," Come here! Do not be alone! It's a nice day. "

Women after fast friends.

Papineau also met Sandi Guignard on the market after a four-year-old worker who knew no harm. Guignard said that his friend did not scare fright at his help, and he did not go through his life, he lost his humble minds, generosity, and generous spirits.

"He had dreams and goals. His priority was to achieve a sustainable place," he said.

Guinard said that Papineau liked clothes and scarves and spoons.

"You should not see Crystal in a dress," he said, laughing.

Among his laughter and tears, Guignard also shared his anger at the absurd dying of his friend.

"I can not understand this city. I can not understand why this girl is not trying to wear some outfits already with us."

As a result of his life experience, Papineau will be added to the Homosexual Memorial in February at the Holy Trinity Church. Lost names will be added to the second Tuesday of each month.

Troy J. Young, his neighbors and former friend, expects to be in the church when his name is added.

"It never would have been forgotten," said Young. "It was a pretty girl."

Young people's and youngsters' homeless experiences of the future shared quick and easy links. They did not see each other very often, Papineaus recently lost his apartment, said Young.

"This is the ninth person I put this memorial," said Young.

"Our friends continue to climb this wall and kill us."

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