Tuesday , January 26 2021

It will now be drawn to ships for the ship's lottery ship, with the expected results within 24 hours

TORONTO – Ontario announced the results of a lottery for today's first 25 cannabis retail licenses.

Those interested in opening a store in the province presented a statement of interest from Monday to Wednesday.

The Alkohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, which regulates retail cannabis stores in the province, has said that the winners will be selected at random by 24-hour results.

The members selected by the partner will have a period of five business days to return their application, and a payment of 6,000 dollars and 50,000 credit cards.

Licenses are being distributed through districts, east of five provinces, seven west, two north, six Toronto, and one Toronto Toronto.

For outdoor recreation, nowadays, in Ontario, only one illegal purchase can be made through a public administration, with the first private stores open on April 1.

The progressive conservative government said at the outset that it would not have a cap on the number of clothing, but at least 25 licenses, because it called the federal government to supply serious cannabis supplies.

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