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It's a heart disorder & # 39;: He speaks of the grieving sister of the hit-and-run victim

CTV Vancouver

Publication date Friday, December 28, 2018 6:15 PM PST

Last Updated Friday, December 28, 2018 7:07 PM PST

This week the sister of a man who hit East Vancouver's hit-and-run says he could not stop thinking about how things could happen without the driver's help.

Passerby's 39-year-old Donnell Auger was seriously injured at Kingsway, around Glen Drive, on Thursday, starting at 3:00 p.m. Shortly after his death, he went to hospital to treat him.

"There is a heartbreaking chance to find out if he could survive," said Auger's sister, Suzette Amaya, at CTV News on Friday. "You only leave my brother and do not take responsibility and this is very difficult for our family right now."

After spending a few hours in the police station, he gave a statement to the public, to help with the driver and location of the vehicle, Sgt. Jason Robillard confirmed that the police identified a suspect, but said they did not decide on charges until the end of the investigation.

"In this case, in this case, the 54-year-old driver eventually made the right thing," Robillard said. "He has been waiting for new research".

It's not clear how long Auger had left the scene before, in those days the difficult days made it even harder.

"There is a lot of shock in our family today," said Amaya. "All of this happened, so suddenly, we celebrate Christmas with the family."

Auger leaves three children and a community Amaya said he was playing his family.

"My brother becomes a kind of person that makes one's own person a friend, so there are a lot of people right now," he said. "This is just a tragedy and we are trying hard to cope."

Auger is remembering as a fun and loving person dedicated to work as a landscape of flowers.

"He was passionate about him and he loved talking to him and he loved his children," said her sisters. "He was a family man".

And this is not the first time this kind of tragedy has come to be a family.

Auger and Amayak lost their father in the 1980s after being hosted by a bus from Hastings Street.

The victims and their friends gathered for candlelight on Friday night.

CTV with Vancouver's Emad Agahi files

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