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It's a kitchen building that reminds Vancouver restaurant

The chef's own restaurant, a video that shows a dinner that has been found to be recovered by Vancouver's Health, a dinner that has found a rat with his soup.

According to a viral video published on Friday, a soup vacuum soup was found in Crab Park Chowdery at Gastown Restaurant.

Vancouver Coast Health Inspectors looked into the cafe in the morning to look into the cafe, and it was open.

A video posted on Thursdays shows a dead night in the soup lover at Crab Park Chowdery in Vancouver's Gastown neighborhood. (Instagram / pisun_ne_ne)

However, Crab Park Chowdery was rented a commercial kitchen, where the staff prepared food, they closed.

The East Georgia Street restaurant, Mamie Taylor, also in the same kitchen building, closed.

Commercial centers often use smaller restaurants, food trucks and other floating food companies to prepare and store food.

On Saturday, he reopened Mamie Taylor's business.

Ron Oliver, the owner of Mamie Taylor and the commercial chef, said they were both in the same building, the restaurant is far from the commercial kitchen.

"We can see our kitchen in the dining room, it's a good idea, everyone sees," Oliver said.

"The curator is in the basement and is completely separated. It is not shared by the employees or share the components we share and share the cooking area.

There were some issues about the curatorial organization, "he said, a two-year pilot project".

Oliver has said he has a close relationship with Crab Park Chowdery and the curators will be closed.

"One way to keep things in a space must be kept in a way," Oliver said. "I want to go to the first tenant better."

As Oliver says, his restaurant has felt some reactions related to a viral video.

"Yesterday it was very stressful," he said. "Getting our reputation back will make people seem to alleviate some concerns."

Ashton Phillips, the owner of Crab Park Chowdery, has said he does not have a rat found in a bowling alley supposedly supposed to lead to "mud". (Mike Zimmer / CBC)

Crab Park Chowdery's owner Ashton Phillips said all the parties involved in the unfortunate incident and Oliver thanked him for help.

Since the restaurant does not have a commercial kitchen, Phillips said that it was moving from the Vancouver Coast Healthcare store to a mobile kitchen utensil.

"[We’re] making all the cooking products fresh from the food, "said Phillips.

Other curators of other cities offered this space. Phillips said that New Year's Eve will arrive before a new game plan.

Meanwhile, Phillips has said the restaurant is still open to businesses.

"We have a great reason: we have a great product. Here's what we need to do: put the smile on the faces of the crowd and give them a hot spot and a happy place."

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