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Jaguars fire OC, bank straight after Blake Bortles 7 | sports


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville Jaguar avoided the attack coordinator After missing Nathaniel Hackett and quarterback Blake Bortles losing seventh.

Coach Doug Marron made the shot on Hackett and Bortles on Monday to make some of the worst league changes crime.

"We needed to make a change in order to win some games," said Marron. "It is not a knee reaction. I feel that at the end of the day we have achieved a better production in our game of passing or in a more coherent production in our game of passing."

Marrone coach coach Scott Milanovich and Cody Kessler substitute substitutes.

Milanovich spent five seasons (2012-16) as Canada's Canadian Football League Torun in Argonauts in Jacksonville last year. Kessler lost Cleveland in eight games in 2016.

Maroon hopes to energize Milanovich and Kessler lacklusterinsult Jaguars (3-8) Friday, Indianapolis (6-5) host.

"We're fortunate to be healthy and win games for us," said Marron. "My plan is to go in and play."

Healthy stay Kessler could be a challenge after Jacksonville's three followers, Andrew Norwell on the left guard (ankle) on the left guard, on Monday, was placed on a wounded reserve. Norwell joins center Brandon Linder and Cam Robinson play with the left camera IR.

Jags also running Leonard Fournette, who was suspended without leaving a match for a sideline, running across the field and throwing punches at the end of the Buffalo Bills defense Shaq Lawson.

Fournette has a three-day appeals.

NFL Vice President Football Operations Jon Runyan sent a letter that Fournette defended his mistake, "because sports centers are the corners of the game and the League does not impart wrong behavior of the game and the lack of respect for the game itself."

"Incident videos did not play a participant as an active participant in a fight that moved me away from the field you go from one side to the other," added Runyan. "After joining the battlefield, you have become a member of the opposing team, your actions reflect on the NFL in the winter and do not have any place in the game."

Seventh match Fournette lost this season and 10th in two years.

Marrone refused Fournette's absenteeism or another, as an excuse for team offensive strife.

Bortles did not score 150 meters in the last six games. He made 104 meters in the air against Pittsburgh and two weeks ago and 127 meters against Billings. Marrone Bortles twice twice for two years, only to send the job twice.

Now it seems that Bortles can be done in Jacksonville.

Finance could be the only stick around it. In January of five, a three-year and $ 54 million contract was signed in February, with $ 21 million against the 2019 war. In this way, Jacksonville would cost $ 16.5 million against the captain.

But it is clear that Marron has lost the faith of Bortles, who will return this season.

Marron felt Hackett more. Marrone and Hackett joined them for nine years, including Syracuse (2010-12) stations, bills (2013-14) and Jacksonville (2015-18).

Hackett was the first chapeau of Jacksonville's last tough attempt. Could not be Bortles and insult At the close of the season or in the year 2017. The worst problems have been quiet, but it's not enough to save Hackett's work.

"Obviously, you feel terrible, especially offensive players." center Tyler Shatley said. "I like everything we have, it has been great for better game plans and things to do."

Jaguars Group's No. 22 in the NFL insult, An average game of 346.5 meters, but there has been a drop in the last two months. They are classified in eighth place, with an average of 17.9 matches.

Bortles' lack of production was the first problem. 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions this season, it can not be put insult On his shoulders things go wrong around.

Hamstrung has also been missing a lot of playmakers and injuries. Jacksonville is missing three rounds, both ends, leader of the 2017 team, from the start of the group center and played six games without Fournette.

"Someone supposed to have left him," Malik Jackson said in defense. "I thought it was doing a wonderful job, but it's the business's nature. We need to win or we should look at each other in the mirror."

Marron made other changes. The defense It seems as similar as happened in 2017, ask if you ask coordinator The future of Todd Wash, and special teams, have not been factors all year long.

But Marron directed it insult.

"Every time you lose, it's not the only person," said Marron. "It's for everyone, and, of course, I understand and I'm responsible. He begins to train as coach with me … Of course, no one is doing a good job right now – he's lost and losing five games and track."


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