Monday , June 5 2023

JBL: Drunkenly Tried about Tweeting Cody Rhodes apologizes


jbl cody rhodes drink to kill tweets

Former WWE Performer JBL posted several tweets last night to Cody Rhodes, one of whom was a wrestler, but Layfield has now apologized for being too drunk.

You missed that case … JBL also tweeted that Cody is a tool that is not his League and Rhodes had any day in a match (even though he was retired).

On Friday morning, however, Layfield changed her melody. "Cody was fun last night and said I would kill Cody Rhodes, of course, I did not mean literally," he wrote on Twitter. "The word was a very poor choice, I went with him and his family, and somehow I was saying in the sense of struggle. Pardon me to apologize."

Add, "I did not mean Dusty's disrespect, when Cowboys won, when my birthday, joy and booze mix talk about it".

Public figures, here is a tip: do not drink and tweet. Normally it's not over.

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