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Jeanenne Fontaine's brother says he has left three men, he shot the house on a day-out shot.

Vincent "Chuck" Fontain says that he had shot his sister Jeanenne in the morning and had three friends, thinking that he was looking for his boyfriend in his house.

20 minutes later, Fontain said that he was speaking French in the socks of his uncle's house after hearing a shot and one of those men indicated a gun.

The second day of trial of Christopher Brass and Jason Meilleur in Fontaine, Queen of Bench in Winnipeg, was called to talk about his sister's day.

Brass and Meilleur are engaged with Jeanenne Fontaine, with the death of cousin Tina Fontaine. Both were not pleaded guilty.

On March 14, 2017, Jeanenne Fontain filmed her head on the home of Aberdeen Avenue on Salter Street. The house was set on fire.

He was thrown out of the smoking building, but the next day he went to the hospital.

This photo, on January 7, 2019, was sentenced to two months after Jeanenne Fontaine died, after the fire of a house in Aberdeen Avenue. Fontaine was shot at home, then set on fire on March 14, 2017. (Court Exhibition)

His brother on Tuesday showed that Jeanenne and her mother, Lana, lived, when her sister died.

At the 14th in Fontainebleo, three men arrived at the house, asking a boyfriend of Jeanenne, who testified that he was a drug trafficker. When the trio said the boyfriend was not there, instead of talking to Jeanenne, the jury told him.

While in the living room, Fontain said the trio was listening to her sister, asking her boyfriend, and said the boyfriend was wrong.

Shortly afterwards, as he was in the kitchen, Fontain heard a gun and saw a man enter the kitchen and sprinkled it in a stovetop.

When asked, Fontain said the man came in with a gun. He closed the door to the sock.

He went to his uncle, where he was trying to lay his sister by calling and annihilating her times. A few months later, when the police took him to the hospital, he fired, he said.

Men & # 39; does not seem like a threat & # 39;

During cross-examination, Theodore Mariash – Meilleur's defense lawyer – asked Fontaine why he left three men at home.

Fontain said that his sister thought she was mad at her and "I was not threatened at that time."

He also admitted that during the test, nobody saw anything suspicious, and did not know where the gun was thrown.

Above Jeanenne, only one person who was Vincent Fontaine at home during the shooting, the court was told.

Photograph after Aberdeen's homemade fire, on the first day of Judge Christopher Brass and Jason Meilleur on Monday. Jean Fontaine Fontaine's brother, Vincent Fontaine, said the judge on Tuesday tossed on it, heard a gun and then entered three men into the kitchen and scraped it in a stovetop. (Court Exhibition)

Monday, on the first day of the trial, Attorney Geoffrey Bayly has said Crown wants to prove that Brass and Meilleur went to Fontain House, now a third person with Malcolm Miles Mitchell to raise the drug debt due to his boyfriend .

They thought the boyfriend would be home, but when it was not the trio when stealing Jeanenne Fontaine, Bayly said in court.

During the Lapurdi, it was supposedly shot by Fontain and "chaos was made" from the house. Bayly also showed homage to Aberdeen's court on Monday.

Mitchell was guilty of a second month's murder and was expelled to prison after 10 years.

He is advocating Meilleur, Mariash, and Trang Ly, and Brass has defended Tara Walker and Mitch Mraovic. Bayly and Attorney Michael Desautels Corona are representing.

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