Wednesday , January 26 2022

Jeff Bezos's divorce may change the classification of the richest people in the world


Jeff Bezos's Amazon CEO will soon narrow down the list of richest people around the world.

And his wife MacKenzie Bezos could run the list.

Jeff Bezos places the list of wealthy people around the world with $ 137 million. If MacKenzie Bezos gets exactly half of the divorce settlement – a possible outcome, in Washington's divorce laws and her prenuptial agreement, would pay $ 68.5 million.

In this scenario, Jeff Bezos would fall 4th in the list of the richest people in the world, according to Bloomberg's real-time multimillionaire index. MacKenzie Bezos, unranked today, would be included there.

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The US $ 68.5 million landlord would distribute amortized Amancio Ortega, a fashion trader in Spain, $ 62.2 million, under French Bernard Arnault, as well as fashion traders, which is worth $ 72.2 million.

Bill Gates will restore his title to the richest person in the world, the distinction he made over the decade of the 90s, until Jeff Bezos passed him last year. Gates' lucky is now $ 93 million.

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In the second list, Warren Buffett would be an investor with $ 80.8 million.

Meanwhile, MacKenzie Bezos would make 50/50 payments easier for the wealthiest women in the world, L & O; heir successor, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, who exceeds $ 45.7 million. It is currently in the 11th list.

Forbes publishes the annual billionaire rating in March. Then if his divorce was over, MacKenzie Bezos made his debut on the list.

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