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Jesse Puljujarvi Out for the Edmonton Oilers season

I learned that Jesse Puljujarvi will be the end of the season hip surgery next week. On Tuesday he made a second opinion and made a diagnosis after making the surgery.

It's like doing full recovery and skating at the end of summer.

Then we will have more information and, fortunately, Puljujarví's agent only demands a second opinion, so Puljujarvi would not be sent to minors.

That was very professional.

I did not understand why his agent mentioned trading when he learned that he was injured by the game's morning. He was not wise in my eyes, but he did not advise his clients to become a fake injury.

But Puljujarvi surgery will be there and, fortunately, it will not be complicated, it will recover quickly and be able to prepare and prepare the race to compete in nine.

Oilers must continue developing and synthesize their game.

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Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter account, 2008/2/28 – 11:38 a.m. MT

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