Thursday , January 28 2021

Jimmy Smith: "I made a great bet" to sign a UFC contract for one year

Jimmy Smith said something was wrong, when Madison Square Garden came to Moncton.

The longtime Bellator MMA commentator had moved to the UFC on a year-long risky deal, and in that last two months of that deal, I paid a per-view assignment at the building New Yorkers love to call "The World" Most Famous Arena "Fight Night is definitely a beautiful place, but it's not often called the name A-list destination.

"My first inkling was on Nov. 3," "Smith said on Wednesday Wednesday's MMA The MMA Hour." My first big bulb was supposed to be [Daniel] Cormier- {Derrick]Lewis, it was supposed to me, [Jon] Anik, and [Joe] Rogan. And then I sent an email 10 days earlier, and they said: "There have been some changes to the cards, so we're moving talent. Moncton, we want to make a Canadian show, and I go to my computer and I have blows and I I like it, I have not changed any card, this is my first inkling created. "

Shortly afterwards, Smithe reaffirmed his resolve: the UFC did not renew its contract, and all the UFC fighters would have to go almost.

"It was very much, you are great, fantastic, we love everything," Smithe said. "We are for UFC fighters by 2019. I do not think I'll leave a syllable. Literally, this conversation was because we loved everything we did, less shows, we're talking to UFC fighters in those shows."

Smith has since taken part in MMA comments since 2006 and has spent eight years in Bellator's color role. When the UFC discovered the risks of accepting a one-year offer, when the offer was made after Bellator's agreement, An unmanaged crew was not signed since 2018, because it was suspended on the company's future television balance.

"I took a great risk and knew that," Smithe said. "And what happened, my Bellator contract was created and I wanted the type of renovation they wanted, it's a long story, but the UFC came with us and said" look, we do not know where we are in 2019 – The ESPN agreement has not been signed . So it was the same thing, we think it's a talent, we think it's very good, we love it in the group. We can not do more than one year, because we do not know anything about the past 2018 season.

"I called on UFC, Anik and some of those people I knew about, and I said" what was happening? " Smith continued. " [they] He said "Yes, we do not know what is happening in the past 2018, everyone is doing it on the same ship." I agree, this kind of risk we signed a one-year contract. But I jumped and tried, what can I do? I made a great bet and here I am. "

For his part, Smithe says UFC's decision to be a color-based commentator (not just Joe Rogan, as close to Dana White's stage of the game), at least a title.

"What does the contract do?" Smithe asked. "Hey, when you're done, you'll have air time, what is the message you send to people that fight? If you're in the group, you'll have air time. If you play the ball, you'll have air time, you can get desktop work, these guys do not have a parachute. At the end of anything, so another incentive may be in a group of commentaries, so what fans are thinking about and all of them from a point of view is everything. People may be on the route, maybe they need a little incentive, what do you do? ? Well, hey, you will be able to go to the FOX desk, maybe you can do this, maybe doing something like this, something that can be. "

It's just as much time as a TV business. According to Smith's newsworthy news, Bellator's prediction plans were introduced in 2019. In this way, for the first time, it finds that industry is launching it with a year-long change.

"Everything is open, everything is an opportunity, I've been in the MMA for 20 years. I've been broadcasting since 2006, 12 years, 13. Yes, because you continue, that's what I got right. and I will keep everything open and see what happens, "Smithe said.

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