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Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony directly: SNC-Lavalin's "consistent and sustained effort" politically motivated

Former Minister of Justice and former attorney Jody Wilson-Raybould warn in court of the court of the court this afternoon that SNC-Lavalin will not sue for a recovery case in SNC-Lavalin company in Montreal. Over two weeks after reporting Globe and Mail's allegations, this is the first public statement by Wilson-Raybould. His testimony offers views on four key trials, at the end of last year, the Secretary of the Governing Council, the Prime Minister's Office and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We are updating this post in real time, and Wilson-Raybould discusses what refers to what SNC-Lavalina's most important moment is.

Wilson-Raybould's moments of testimonial

  • Wilson-Raybould said that SNC-Lavalin had received "complete threats" through text and email.
  • "I was careful", said SNC-Lavalin's decision, when I was confused with Department of Justice, but said that the Secretary-General of Trudeau, Gerald Butts, was "denied" by Wilson-Raybould, in response to the Conservative's questions. Lisa Raitt MP.
  • "I knew, as long as I was in the Public Prosecutor's Office, that would not happen. I was worried about AG, because this was not discounted," said Wilson-Raybould. He resigned from the cabinet, if SNC-Lavalin had reached an agreement with the Prosecutor General.
  • Wilson-Raybould's "trudeau", Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, Michael Wernick, and Private President Gerald Butts, among others.
  • Raitt, Wilson-Raybould, asked PMO staff to threaten their work by making SNC-Lavalin's decision. "I am sure that the purpose of these discussions … is to make a great deal of pressure on me to change myself," says Wilson-Raybuld. He said "can not reflect his intention," and whether they were threatening their position in the cabinet.

  • When Wilson-Raybould talked to Wernick and others, it was clear that the next federal election, Quebec elections and other political opinions were mentioned. The potential loss of work was said to be debated in the early stages of the debate, but not taking final decision.
  • Asked how he felt after he was demoted to the cabin and then resigned in his new post on Veteran Affairs, Wilson-Raybould said "I have serious concerns about how to report things. I have concerns about people as a whole called" emergency campaigns. "
  • Wilson-Raybould's strong testimony to his testimony, he said, was a "consistent and consistent effort to interfere politically" to secure the deferred accusation of SNC-Lavalin. Wilson-Raybould said that 11 people attended and they went to September in September until December.
  • Wilson-Raybould said the government was not going to put anybody on it, "the Prosecutor General could not take it into account," such as partisan political concerns.
  • PMO senior staff Mathieu Bouchard said Wilson-Raybould "must re-select", says SNC-Lavalin's decision, he says.

Jody Wilson Raybould NDP MP talks to Nathan Cullen before the Justice Committee of Ottawa on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.


The meeting between Trudeau, Wilson-Raybould and Wernick on September 17's Twitter channel's Facebook page's Twitter channel's Facebook page's Twitter channel's Facebook page's Twitter channel New .info's Facebook page's Twitter channel's Facebook page Wednesday, his call. "

Wilson-Raybould said:

Trudeau raised the issue "immediately", although this was not the case, Wilson-Raybould said. The Prime Minister said: "A lot would be lost and SNC would move from Montreal to another."

Wilson-Raybould said that he had acted diligently and decided not to change the decision of the accused. Wernick said the company would probably not get a detached strike strike in London, England.

The Prime Minister reminded Wilson-Raybould of "being a member of the Québec parliament, a Papineau member." This was totally political and completely inadequate, as Wilson-Raybould said. He looked at the Prime Minister's eye and asked if he was politically interfering with the decision. Trudeau did not say.

Meeting between Wilson-Raybould and Butts

In December, Wilson-Raybould Butts discussed the case of SNC-Lavalin. The media report has "strong" and "powerful" "talk". Butts resigned, though Wilson-Raybould never said anything more than the decision of SNC-Lavalin.

Wilson-Raybould said:

"We both seek this meeting," said Wilson-Raybould.

"By now, talking to me, I all have to think about myself, I think," said Butts.

Wilson-Raybould, his boss, Butts and Telford's meeting

Wilson-Raybould, Jessica Prince, Butts and Trudeau's chief staff are not familiar with Katie Telford's encounter. Wernick's testimony did not understand, he said he was not there, and therefore he could not figure out what's going on.

Wilson-Raybould said:

The Prince was called "urgently call."

"Here there is no solution to any interference," said Butts.

Prince told Wilson-Raybould that the PMO staff will make legal advice on "throwing tires".

Wilson-Raybould and Wernick's 19-phone call

Wilson-Raybould, who had moved to the Veteran Affairs before the cabinet mixes a few weeks before, called him a "context" about the decision-making of SNC-Lavalin. In the committee, Wernick said Wilson-Raybould's Trudeau and other ministers "disturbed" about the potential impact of conventional punishment, but Wernick emphasized that he had no pressure on the General Prosecutor.

Wilson-Raybould said:

Wilson-Raybould called from his own home alone.

Wernick told Trudeau that he meant that he could "try everything he could do in the" unlawful toolbox. Wernick said that Trudea did not want to do anything "legal and proper box out".

Wilson-Raybould said Wernick "I think (a prime minister) will find a way to get it one way or another, so I wanted to know that in that mood."

Wilson-Raybould said the secretary was "as dangerous as the ground," resulting in independent decision by the Attorney General. "That's all screaming," said Wilson-Raybould.

"I thought of the massacre on Saturday night," said Wilson-Raybould, a reference to Richard Nixon's former chairman Richard Nixon, for resigning his office at the Public Prosecutor's Office.

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