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Join 411 LIVE NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool coverage

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Welcome to TakeOver 411 NXT in the UK: Blackpool Report. Blackpool, we are in the beautiful England. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome you to Preshow, and we start with a Reno Ripley and Toni Storm video package. Vic and Nigel broke the match and Nigel chose Toni Storm to win. Moustache Mountain vs. Grizzled Young Veterans and Dave Mastiff vs. It will take us to a quick discussion about Eddie Dennis.

We have cut the video footage earlier. Jordan Devlin attacked Travis Banks as soon as the arena arrived. Since the bank has received medical treatment since the attack, but will compete tonight. Preshow videos Pete Dunne vs. It's over Joe Coffey. Vic and Nigel talk about the moving game, and Nigel chooses Joe Coffey to win the WWE Championship in the United Kingdom.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match
Moustache Mountain vs. Grizzled Young Veterans
    photo Mustache_Mountain_vs_Grizzled_Young_Veterans_Cropped_zpsxx7lwdhx.jpg

Moustache Mountain is a British Bulldogs inspired ring gear gear for this sweet match. It's the start of the match and the Gibson match, and fans have gotten instantly in Gibson. Bate and Gibson blocked, and Gibson pulled the Bate bracelet lock. Join the kips up, but Gibson immediately leads back down to the mat bracelet lock. The battle counts for the battlefield, but Gibson escapes and transitions. It connects the bridges to avoid the three columns and then create the distance from the bridge. It gets the Drake Gibson tag, so it's also the Seven Labels tagged. Seven and Drake are locked and Drake muscles with seven ropes. Drak will try on seven courts, but seven free shots and chest cut. Each one gets the tag and receives an underwater diving for seven. Bate bop and bang go, but Drake picks up pretty well to avoid contact. Gibson gets the label and eats it from Bate to hurricane. She gets seven tags and goes to one end of the arm, but Gibson has seven levels with a shoulder block. Seven ropes and two concerts cross. She raises seven anchors of clothes and Gibson, but Gibson makes a float and drake Drake to Drake. It's with O & # 39; Connor Roll of Seven Drake, but Gibson looks blind. Zazpian has never seen the label, and so he runs away when Drake comes out of the ring. Seven could have the left elbow vulnerable to dive, and Gibson follows outerwear. Gibson turns seven rings and makes Drake tag again. She wears Drake's shoulder and chin to keep Zazpiko injured in the left arms. Seven Drake out of junk, Gibson labels, and seven hanging out, like Gibson. Gibson returns to seven rings and goes back to Drake. Drake's levels Zazpiak show a tough spectacle of elbow on the back of the head, and the elbow-shot bust looks like it opens on the back of the seven heads. Gibson gets the label and continues working through seven arms and neck. Drake gets the tag and flows out of the ring. Before drake and seven ringside commercial shots enter the ring. Drake again prevents seven tag tags before it can be done successfully from Gibson. Seven charged by Gibson and FINALMENT stirs the tag melted. Clears the batch and connects it with Gibson's uppercut. He defeats Beat Drake and uses Drake's boot in Gibson. He jumps on Drake Gibson's shoulders and both raise. BATE SPINS GIBSON AND DRAKE PATHS! BIG STONG BOI! Bate carries a Drake anti-explosion on the ship, and then Gibson and Drake take the moonsault to the ringside. The action returns to the ring and connects with Bop and Bang. Seven gets the tag and power to turn Gibson's batch down. Seven pin Gibson, but Drak saves. Drake gets the tag, and Gibson muscles put Seven Corners in the Drake's Grit Your Teeth drop. Gibson arrives at Helter Skelter and Drake continues with 450 splashes at two concerts. Gibson gets the tag and shut it out of Shankly Gates, because Drake saves it. Drake locks in Shankly Gate when Gibson keeps Locked on Seven. Drake lifts his lifts on his shoulders to lower Gibson to break both. She gets the Beat and Drake label, and cleans the Beat House. Mark Labels with Seven, and Drake with the combination of clothing / dragon tie for a looong account. Gibson tightens on his face and shoulder, and Drake is immersed in a Doomsday outer device. Seven Gibson goes to suicide, but Drake throws the middle dash. Drake gets seven into the ring, and Drake and Gibson make the seventh ticket Ticket to Mayhem three concerts. Johnny Saint and Sid Scala congratulated Gibson and Drake after the match.

Match Result: James Drake defeated Trent Seven with Ticket to Mayhem.
Match duration: 23:47
Slimmer's Rating: **** ¾

Singles Match
Travis Banks Finn Valor vs. Jordan Devlin
    Photo Travis_Banks_vs_Jordan_Devlin_Cropped_zpsei3vh7ju.jpg

Travis Bank attacks Jordan Devlin before ramps, but it is clear that banks are injured by the knee. Devlin Banks knees first into the ring strokes and continues the chop block. Devlin's position in Bank's knee steps and rolled over again. The betting team has never called, so the match is still officially started. Sid Scala Banks checks and then consult Johnny Saint. Scala says he and Saint think that Devlin will do something like that, but fortunately they have a protective plan … FINN BALOR HERE! Values, officially, will be substitutes for Banks, and we will go here. Rate goes down Devlin and slips it with Sling Blade. Rate settles with Coup de Grâce, but Devlin has thrown it out. Rate retrieves devlin, but Devlin throws ropes between Valer's legs and Rate tries to rise to the ring. Devlin damaged the betting and barricade before going out onto the street. Devlin stomp double and then valued at the top rope. Rated calf on top and Devlin catches it on the top rope. Rate rises above, but Devlin pulls out. Rate returns the count to the ring, but Devlin immediately works with a steak. Rate curves position and sparks in Devlin. Devlin controls a waterfall and moonsault with two concerts. Devlin hangs in a stretch of the abdomen, but the testers get into a hip area. Val's hangs on her stomach, but Devlin enters Pelé into a shot. Devlin applauds Valé's corner, but Valé throws his boots on Devlin's face. Double stomp and Sling Blade, but Devlin drives back folding. Devlin points Rate the ribs, but Balor leaves Devlin to the outside. Rating tackles the rhythm and rises upwards, but Devlin plays ropes on the rope. Devlin goes to a moonsault, but Rat kneels. Rating gets 1916 and continues to fall into the corner with a shot kick. It also raises a review at the top, and this time it has won the Coupé de Grâce for three concerts.

Match Result: Finn Valor defeated Jordan Devlin with Coup de Grâce.
Match duration: 11:36
Slimmer's Rating: *** ¼

Eddie Dennis wins Dave Mastiff and the next.

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